Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas preparations

These 2 photos are of recent Christmas's past.

This was the first year I put the tree under the stairs for a number of years and I kept banging my head on the wooden bit of the stairs so the Oh! Bearded One! gave me his hard hat to protect my head.

As a family we now have a tradition that we go out for a family meal on the Sunday before Christmas. This started a few years ago when I had to work Christmas day and didn't have time to cook Christmas dinner. We've carried it on, even though for the last 2 years and this year too, I haven't worked.
The photo above is at a previous meal. My camera has completely died so I wasn't able to take photos yeaterday. I am hoping Father Christmas will bring me a new one!

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations? My food shopping is done, the presents are wrapped but the assignment isn't written - that's tomorrow's job! At least to get it started. The Oh! Bearded One is going to push the hoover around and wash the kitchen floor for me at some point and I'll feed the washing machine tomorrow but there'll be no ironing done this side of Christmas.
Talking of the Oh! Bearded One - he has had serious problems with his shoulder and neck this year. It turns out he has collasped discs in his neck so on the 28th of January he'll be having surgery to have disc replacement, this is quite a new proceedure so I hope he is going to be OK. I know he is worried.
There hasn't been much crafting going on either but I've been reading blogs and I am planning some projects for the New Year. In January there is a quilt fabric sale fairly locally so I want to plan a couple of quilts for next year and buy the fabric for them. I have managed to finish a knitted hat (no photo) and it has been put in the post to my Sister-in-Law for Christmas and I've nearly finished another one for my best friend in Sheffield. I want to knit on for her eldest daughter, my God-Daughter as well but I've been slowed up by my sore hands and wrists. They are better, I suspect because I've not been knitting.

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anne bebbington said...

Husband's surgery sounds scary - wishing him well for that Ailsa - and wishing you and yours all the best for Christmas and the New Year