Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Here is Molly, the ruler of the roost, although she is only just getting the confidence to smack Meg on the nose, Meg is getting the drift of who's boss!

Here is Meg! - on a walk this morning, around a nature reserve that used to be salt mining land on the edge of Northwich. We are so lucky to have this land to roam on so close to the town centre.

This is Meg's favorite place - next to who ever is on the sofa - usually me!

She loves rolling on her back and she sleeps a lot on her back!

The Oh! Bearded One has come round to her even though she keeps weeing on our bedroom floor - not sure why! and she has chewed through the arm on a wicker chair in the conservatory. He tends to take out for a walk when he gets home from work which is just great and a big help for me.


Ruth's Place said...

She is adorable!

mandycharlie said...

I am totally in Love with Meg, she is gorgeous. I am so glad for you that she has settled in so well and she obviously has her paws well and truly under the table.

Proverbs 31 said...

Oh they both look so cute!!! I went to visit my friend last night & she has just acquired the most adorable little cat too. Unfortunately my DH still says NO PETS but i haven't given up yet lol!!! marie x

Krafty Kathryn said...

She looks lovely and really affectionate. So glad she is settling in after a difficult start in life.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

So glad Meg is settling in well. Her bad habit is hopefully just insecurity from her previous life and will disappear once she feels secure. Buster was a rescued dog and it took him months to settle properly.
I found having plenty of patience and not scolding too much when he did wrong and really praising when he did right worked slowly but surely.

Kathy said...

How sweet!

I'm glad you're all adjusting to each other.

mama said...

So cute!!

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Sue said...

Meg is a doll. I'm so glad she adopted you.