Thursday, 27 November 2008


I've completed my SCSS project, it, my Fall into fall swap and my Christmas knitting swap are all parcelled up, ready to post and I've 'lost' 2 of the addresses (what I really mean, I've deleted off my e-mail system). Does anyone else do daft things like this or is it just me?

I will post photos in due course but obviously I can't yet as 2 of these parcels are meant as Christmas presents.

Friday, 21 November 2008


My SCSS project is coming on well and I am hoping to get it in the post by the deadline of the 25th. If it doen't go on the 25th, it certainly will on the 26th. I am doing some hand stitching on it and I can only work for so long before my hands start to hurt so that may hold me up a little as well as having to work Sun & Mon.

I've had to frog this cardigan as it is going to be far too big even though my tension was spot on. It is waiting to be recast on.

Well! Meg is settling nicely! I've spent some time training, walking and giving her affection and it is now paying off. We've had her spayed this week so we can't go long walkies at present so I'm not taking her anywhere I would normally let her off the lead. She is coping very well. She is great fun and I am so glad to have her. Even Molly is just about used to her!

Friday, 14 November 2008


Here's a few things I'm knitting at present.

This is my first top down baby cardigan from a free pattern off the internet, unsure where at present. The yarn is Twilleys sincere cotton

This yummy yarn is Rowan Cashcotton 4ply. I bought it in a sale when I was in Edinburgh, I got it for half price. The colour is a soft moss green and it is to go with a pair of trousers I bought, also in Edinburgh. The pattern is a very simple cardigan in stocking stitch. I can knit acres of stocking stitch and not get bored!

This yarn is King Cole Mirage DK which is 50% Acrylic and 50% wool, its a bit splity and fuzzy but it is knitting up nicely. The pattern is a v-neck cardi with a fixed waist belt. You knit the waist belt first and then pick up stitches for the rib at the bottom and the pick up stitches for the back and 2 fronts. It should be knitted in Twilleys Freedom but I wanted this colour.

The pattern is from this magazine!


Here is a bit of a preview of my SSCS - that's all you're getting at the moment!

I will be sending all my swap parcels together so if you think you haven't got anything from me and you are expecting something, don't worry its not gone it the post yet!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Here is Molly, the ruler of the roost, although she is only just getting the confidence to smack Meg on the nose, Meg is getting the drift of who's boss!

Here is Meg! - on a walk this morning, around a nature reserve that used to be salt mining land on the edge of Northwich. We are so lucky to have this land to roam on so close to the town centre.

This is Meg's favorite place - next to who ever is on the sofa - usually me!

She loves rolling on her back and she sleeps a lot on her back!

The Oh! Bearded One has come round to her even though she keeps weeing on our bedroom floor - not sure why! and she has chewed through the arm on a wicker chair in the conservatory. He tends to take out for a walk when he gets home from work which is just great and a big help for me.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Missing in Action!

I'm here really!

I've had a week's annual leave from work, I go back tomorrow.

I went to Edinburgh to see SofM - of course he's absolutely fine and we had a lovely couple of days.

I then had a couple of quiet days, knitting, working on my SCSS project and dreaming about quilting - then.....................

I got a dog, I hadn't been planning to get a dog at this moment in my life - she's an 8 month old white & red Staffie! I went into work on Friday morning and this dog got into the home. I was the one that sorted it out and found out who the owner was. We thought at first she was a stray as she is a bit thin and very dirty. It turned out the the owner was a local farmer (my Nursing Home is on a residential site for over 55's, in the middle of a rural area). When he turned up for her he asked me whether I wanted her. I asked 'why', he said that they had got her to keep one of their Jack Russells company whilst she was in season which I didn't really understand but it wasn't working out as she kept going to find humans and running off the farm. Whilst I had been waiting I had been weighing up whether I wanted her or not. I've actually been wanting another dog for a number of years now but the Oh! Bearded One has been reluctant.

Poor Oh! Bearded One, he is the most kindest, patient man. I've done this to him before, he was working away from home and I took into my head to go to the RSPCA and get a dog. I had told him before hand but he turned up on a Friday evening when I was at work and let himself. Jess (a Labrador/Lurcher cross) wasn't too happy but they became the best of friends and he was very upset when she died. We had her 14 years, I think this is why he is reluctant to have another dog, because of the attachment and then letting go.

I rang him at work to tell him, he wasn't happy obviously, I asked him to wait to make a judgement until he had seen her and bless him he likes her and hopefully they will go for lots of walks together but not until she has had some obedience training. Molly (cat) isn't very happy and I'm not sure what to do to help the situation at present, I don't want to make a difficult situation worse.

We've named her Meg.

So very little knitting done this weekend!!