Monday, 6 October 2008

A nice weekend!

Well! I got to Wales but I didn't go until Saturday due to a cold. But there was an up side to this - I got to go shopping! Even better, with no husband in tow asking me whether I really need what I'm buying.

Guess what I went shopping for?

The Fall into fall giveaway prize! 4 FQ's in Clothwork's 'Sew Much Love' range plus some handbag charms. These were purchased at my nearest LQS 'Sew Simple' at Lady Heyes Craft Centre ( see post of 1st October). I also bought a couple of Christmas Stocking fillers for DD but I'm not telling in case she looks at this blog.

I then drove on into North Wales and went to Aberkhan Fabrics (see post of 30th May). Again I did well on the quilting fabrics. I bought over 17 meters of fabric, mainly Timeless Treasures and Red Rooster. In the U.K we pay on average £10 per meter so I would have paid £170 for what I bought if I paid full price. As well as the fabric I bought a batick jelly roll, I am soooo looking forward to using this. I also bought some King Cole Mirage DK to knit a cardigan from the new Womans' Weekly knitting & crochet mag.

I have got enough fabric, yarn and card making stuff to last until the next millenium. I just need some time!!

The rain on Saturday night was awful!!! Yesterday I drove up the Conwy valley and it was flooded. I'll post about the mill I found up there another time.


Proverbs 31 said...

Glad to hear you got some retail therapy at the week-end!!! What are you going to do with all that fabric lol??????????? I lifted the Woman's Weekly mag to-day but put it back as I bought 3 knitting mags last week yikes!!!!!!!!!
I know what you mean about being the only one eating the Christmas cake (me too) & I'm supposed to be loosing weight for my DD'S wedding in April I might just have to invest in a body wrap & magic knickers he he !!!!!!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I bought the Woman's Weekly book as well but I went straight to the crocheting section!
Lucky you - getting down to Abakhan I have heard about it but never been.