Monday, 15 September 2008


I'm still knitting!

This last week I've tidied up my stash and got rid of a small amount of yarn to a charity shop, I was given it it in the first place.

I have worked out that I have 8 WIP's:

A wool mix sweater for SofM
A cotton cardi for me
A beret for me
2 pairs of fingerless mitts, one for me and one for DD (for Xmas that she doesn't know about)
A wool mix waistcoat for me
A crochet shawl ? for whom

and that's not counting the 3 quilting projects I've on the go.

I'm sure I've posted about other projects over the last few months that I've not finished, I'll have a look back and let you know where I'm up to with what!

I've been on Raverly today and have been plotting and scheming - there are loads of projects I want to knit, I've also bought Fons & Porter's 'Love of quilting' and there are some lovely projects in there I want to do. Oh! to have more time!!!

SofM is fine in Edinburgh-term starts properly today.

I've had a new stair carpet laid today which I'm very pleased with. Tomorrow I start my course at Chester Uni, once this is over after Christmas I want to do some decorating. I've not done any this year because I've had so much trouble with pain in my hands.

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Proverbs 31 said...

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in having too many things on the go. I'm hoping that having started a blog I'll be "shamed" into finishing them lol!!!! Marie x