Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I've stopped crying

This afternoon I got to the stage I can be asked how SofM is doing at Uni without bursting into tears.

He rang DD before I got in from work and I rang him back and didn't cry which is great!!! I don't want to be a blubbering wreak after each time I've spoken to him.

He's settling well. Food is still a bit difficult until term starts properly next money but he beginning to make friends (he has always made friends easily). He has signed up today for the modules he will be taking and tomorrow he signs up for the sports activities he wants to take (hockey and mountaineering)(mountaineering after Dad, although Dad didn't think he would be interested, just better late than never).

As for the knitting & quilting........

SofM's quilt - a bit more done but nowhere near finished, maybe for Christmas.
Freedom sincere baby jacket - back done and onto 1st sleeve
SSCS - planned, materials bought but not started.
I've started a jumper for SofM (it's cold in Edinburgh in the winter) from a pattern in 'People's Friend' 2 weeks ago - the back is 3/4 quarters done.
I've also started the Sirdar 'Tweedie' waistcoat I want to do for myself - 4 inches of the back done.
We won't talk about the other lap quilt I'm hand quilting although I've done a bit more on that too!
I've also got other things on the go and in the planning stage.

Please God could I have 2 more pairs of arms and another 24 hours a day?


Kathy said...

If He gives you two more arms, send Him my way 'cause I could use some,too.

Oh, and I only need 8 extra hours so I can get some sleep.

Glad you're doing better. It's good to be busy but don't forget to stop and breathe once in a while.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

He will be back home again for Christmas before you know it. He will be in touch via the phone and e mail whilst he is away.

I couldn't resist that comment as you keep telling us how few crafting days we have left before Christmas and scaring us. It seems so few days to craft and yet a long time until you see him again.
It's funny how our perception of time changes with different events.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Contact Sirdar about the mistake on the pattern. When I had a shop they used to send out wither vouchers or copies of new patterns to anyone who wrote to complain about mistakes or faults.

The Calico Quilter said...

You have a lot in common with my sister-in-law, who just packed her eldest away to university. We though she would have a breakdown. Anyway, my nephew has the sense that God and his parents gave him; he'll be fine, and I'm sure your son will be too. It's ok to miss them, but he has to learn to fly now. Dry your tears; I'm sure he'll make you proud.