Sunday, 28 September 2008


that's what I am - disappearing in things to do - work, studying for a course, Scouts and of course knitting!!

I'm 2 weeks into the course - more work than I thought we would have to do but that's always the case isn't it.

In the knitting department I start things and then frog them because I'm not happy for one reason or another. I am continuing well with SofM's jumper - no trouble with that so far! I've completed something for DD for Christmas and I'm well on the way with a hat for the Oh! Bearded One.

I'm worrying about DD, it looks as if she is sliping into depression. To be honest I've been waiting for it. My Grandfather suffered with it, my Mum suffers with it, I do and I've always thought she had the potential to, so it's off the the Doctor with her next week!


Debi said...

I so understand, I suffer from depression also. I hate taking the medications, but sometimes it does help.

Proverbs 31 said...

My eldest daughter also suffered from depression sometime ago so I know how worried you are about her. She is now married with 2 beautiful children & although she has times of feeling down she is no longer on meds but they definitely helped at the time. Marie x

Kathy said...

Yep...depression tends to run in families. I've struggled with it most of my life, even long before it was recognized as something that needed help.

It's so good that you can recognize her symptoms and know what she's going through. That's a huge help for someone who struggles with depression. Knowing she's not going to be dismissed should be a relief to anyone suffering from this.

Don't disappear altogether though. I miss you when you don't post. I do understand about your schedule though. Remember to take time for yourself so you don't burn out.

Chocolate Cat said...

You sound very very busy! Make sure you find some time for yourself!!(easier said than done). Thinking of you and your daughter, you must be so worried.