Sunday, 28 September 2008


that's what I am - disappearing in things to do - work, studying for a course, Scouts and of course knitting!!

I'm 2 weeks into the course - more work than I thought we would have to do but that's always the case isn't it.

In the knitting department I start things and then frog them because I'm not happy for one reason or another. I am continuing well with SofM's jumper - no trouble with that so far! I've completed something for DD for Christmas and I'm well on the way with a hat for the Oh! Bearded One.

I'm worrying about DD, it looks as if she is sliping into depression. To be honest I've been waiting for it. My Grandfather suffered with it, my Mum suffers with it, I do and I've always thought she had the potential to, so it's off the the Doctor with her next week!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Purple patch project

If you've been following my blog for a while you will know I am a Deputy Manager of a care home. We look after many clients with Alzheimer's Disease and other types of Dementia so I whole heartedly support any project that is going to highlight these devastating diseases.

Dementia not only effects the person suffering from it but those their loved ones as well. If you know someone that suffers with Dementia click on my purple patch and get your own patch and help highlight this devastating disease.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I'm still knitting!

This last week I've tidied up my stash and got rid of a small amount of yarn to a charity shop, I was given it it in the first place.

I have worked out that I have 8 WIP's:

A wool mix sweater for SofM
A cotton cardi for me
A beret for me
2 pairs of fingerless mitts, one for me and one for DD (for Xmas that she doesn't know about)
A wool mix waistcoat for me
A crochet shawl ? for whom

and that's not counting the 3 quilting projects I've on the go.

I'm sure I've posted about other projects over the last few months that I've not finished, I'll have a look back and let you know where I'm up to with what!

I've been on Raverly today and have been plotting and scheming - there are loads of projects I want to knit, I've also bought Fons & Porter's 'Love of quilting' and there are some lovely projects in there I want to do. Oh! to have more time!!!

SofM is fine in Edinburgh-term starts properly today.

I've had a new stair carpet laid today which I'm very pleased with. Tomorrow I start my course at Chester Uni, once this is over after Christmas I want to do some decorating. I've not done any this year because I've had so much trouble with pain in my hands.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I've stopped crying

This afternoon I got to the stage I can be asked how SofM is doing at Uni without bursting into tears.

He rang DD before I got in from work and I rang him back and didn't cry which is great!!! I don't want to be a blubbering wreak after each time I've spoken to him.

He's settling well. Food is still a bit difficult until term starts properly next money but he beginning to make friends (he has always made friends easily). He has signed up today for the modules he will be taking and tomorrow he signs up for the sports activities he wants to take (hockey and mountaineering)(mountaineering after Dad, although Dad didn't think he would be interested, just better late than never).

As for the knitting & quilting........

SofM's quilt - a bit more done but nowhere near finished, maybe for Christmas.
Freedom sincere baby jacket - back done and onto 1st sleeve
SSCS - planned, materials bought but not started.
I've started a jumper for SofM (it's cold in Edinburgh in the winter) from a pattern in 'People's Friend' 2 weeks ago - the back is 3/4 quarters done.
I've also started the Sirdar 'Tweedie' waistcoat I want to do for myself - 4 inches of the back done.
We won't talk about the other lap quilt I'm hand quilting although I've done a bit more on that too!
I've also got other things on the go and in the planning stage.

Please God could I have 2 more pairs of arms and another 24 hours a day?

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Well, he's gone!

SofM is now safely ensconsed at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh........... and I cried all the way down the M8 and A74.........and I could still cry now but I am trying hard not too as I'll end up with a migraine!

All that's left at home, of him, is a load of dust bunnies under the furniture and bits & pieces he didn't want with him.

I know he'll be fine but I am worried he won't eat properly and he won't settle down and work, because he needs to if he wants to pass his degree. I'm sure I'm worrying unnecessarily but that's what us Mothers do, isn't it?

Monday, 1 September 2008

Just being quiet

I am still here but haven't had much to say.

Still knitting - jumper for SofM, cardi for me, baby jacket for a girl at work and a scarf for a Xmas present that's not right so is to be frogged!

I've been 'days off' today and tidied up a bit and done some knitting. Back to work for the next 4 days and then off to Edinburgh to take SofM to Uni.