Saturday, 16 August 2008

Panic attack!

I'm having a panic attack about all things I want to do before Christmas, that's why I've put a 'days before Christmas' banner on my blog. It's not to depress you but to spur me on to get some stuff done!

I've been muddling along planning this and that. I've got to rethink everything as I've signed up for a 15 week level 3 mentorship course with the University of Chester. I need to do this course to enable us at work to have student nurses on placement from the University. The course starts in September and will finish after Christmas. I will do most of the course on-line but I've got to do a 2,000 word assignment. This is all my fault as it is me pushing to have student nurses. I think we can give them a good placement as we work to a high standard. Student nurses need to have a really good grounding in basic nursing skills and we can teach that, they also need to have an understanding of the problems older people face with multiple disease processes going on. They need to seem them as whole people and not just a illness to cure. We can do that but I've now made a rod for my own back! Never mind I'll muddle through, I usually do.

I have been plannning to make some things to sell at work on the run up to Christmas as well as making cards. I'm knitting 2 garments for myself. I've signed up for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap, I want to make a small lap quilt for a girl at work who is having a baby at the end of January as well as I need to finish handquilting 2 quilts, one of which is for SofM to take to Uni in 4 weeks time (I wish I hadn't started to hand quilt these but learnt to use my machine to quilt them, it would be quicker). I am not going to get that done for a start as it is still too warm for me to have it on my lap (hot flushes and all that). And we won't mention my Pay it Forward gift(s) but I can work .

I have been given my swap partner for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap but that is all I can tell you. I've had a look at her blog today and I can't tell you how excited I am about this!!!

I've spent today looking at ideas for the Santa Swap and the baby quilt and have come up with some ideas. At the end of the month I am going to go to the Stitch & Creative Crafts show at Manchester Central so I will get everything I need for those. I am just going to have to be super organised - that's a laugh for me but I can try, can't I?

Meanwhile I'm going to lie down in a darken room and quietly have a nervous breakdown. Please don't put the light on when you waken me.

By the way I am still looking for ideas for my blogiversary, please give me some ideas.


Ann J said...

Wow! What a lot to do,makes me feel dizzy just reading about it (uywe!) but I am sure you'll cope fine!! Well Done to your son and hope he enjoys Uni !!

Anita said...

Say your post on signing up with Quilters get listed. Nice website. You must be super fast if you get everything planned finished in time for Christmas. Good Luck I'll be checking in from time to time to see how you are doing. You give me hope.
Olalla, WA

Chookyblue...... said...

I sure you will manage it all..........."want something done ask a busy woman".........have fun with all your sewing.....

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Did you have to do that? Put down the days to Christmas - Arghhh!
I feel quite dizzy reading your to-do-list and will lie down with you in that darkened room with the fan on to accomodate our hot moments.
You are more organised than I am. I haven't even made a list yet!