Monday, 11 August 2008

New knitting patterns

Have you seen the new edition of Interweave Knits (Fall 08)? My copy came today.

I love Windowpane coat, Tweedy Waistcoat, Fresco Fair Isle Mitts, Braided Pullover and Sidelines Top. I don't whether I'll knit any of them as I've not knitted anything out of the other Interweave Knits yet but I can always dream.

I also bought 'Knit Today'. There are lots in this mag I like - Bobble bag, Fern Lace Cardigan, Timeless Elegance, the cushions and the baby blanket.

'Timeless Elegance' is done in Colinette Parisenne Luxury Kid Mohair and Tao Silk. Now, I have read various knitters blogs where they rave about Colinette yarns but have you seen the cost? Using the prices quoted in the mag it would cost £97. Now I love buying nice yarns but that's a bit much. Fortunately they suggest 2 Paton's yarns as alternatives so I think I'll be going with those.

The other problem with this particular pattern is that they haven't given a measurements chart. I'm going to look on the web site to see if it's on there.

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Kathy said...

I'm with you on the cost of the yarn. I would love to make more things from Interweave and some of the other knitting magazines, but I can't afford even substitute yarns in some cases.

I've been looking in the stores for the new magazines to come out because you have to get them the first few days when they come out or you just lose out. They go fast.

But I don't want to subscribe because I don't always like the patterns and I only usually buy one mag per quarter so this way I can choose between them.