Friday, 18 July 2008

Czech trip again!

Dad continues to do really well. All being well he will be home tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are off to Scout camp in the Czech Republic so this is my last post for the next 2 weeks.

Right, I'm off for some beauty sleep and an early start so I can pack!

Take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

This & Dad

Do you remember this? I started crocheting this last August. I was going to make into a shawl but then I decided it had got to a good size to be a knee rug for work so that's where it now. It was good to have a finish.

I didn't get to see Dad tonight as I've had to work all day but DD went to see him and he was sat out in a chair. He must be doing alright as they are talking about discharging him on Sunday.

We fly out to the Czech Republic on Saturday afternoon so I'm now going away to make lists of things I need to pack, buy and do tomorrow.

I'll report in tomorrow night and then that will be it for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I visited Dad tonight. He was sitting in bed as if he had never had anything done!! He says he has no pain and no side effects from the anaesthetic. He has been out of bed for an hour this afternoon and the only down side is that he has a tempory numb lower leg from the femoral block he had whish meant he wasn't able to take any weight through that leg today. Hopefully it should resolve soon.

Mum and I are thankful because there was a risk because of all his other health issues.

Thank you for all your kind wishes!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Well, he's in! I took my Dad to hospital this evening so he's got a bed, so far so good. He is first on the list tomorrow morning. We are all a bit worried as he is a diabetic, has heart disease and an aortic aneurysm (which we have only just found out about). We will find out at lunch time how he is. (Sorry, Jan, he won the bet, hopefully it will be your turn soon, the sooner the better)

The BBQ at work, on Saturday, went quite well. It stayed dry but it was cold so not many residents sat out. We were able to have the actual BBQ outside along with the entertainer and the side stalls. It looks like we raised about £500 for the resident's fund.

On the knitting front I have completed my first dishcloth (photos to follow when I've completed some other stuff, probably when I get back from Scout camp in a couple of weeks time, all assuming Dad is OK and I can go). I have prepared some hand sewing to take and I've got some fingerless gloves to knit. All are small projects that are easily portable.

Monday, 7 July 2008

An update

I am still around. Busy as usual - work etc.

I am crafting too, some knitting, some crochet and some sewing on the machine but I want to finish some things before I post about them.

Today I've been sorting books and bits & bobs for our annual works' BBQ on Saturday. We usually have some side stalls for funding raising and that's what these things are for. (I hope the weather is kind to us, last year it rained and we had to have it inside and it just wasn't the same).

I've had all sorts ideas for making things to sell but I haven't enough time for the BBQ so I'll have a go at some of them in time for Christmas.

It looks like Dad is definitely going to have his hip replacement operation next Tuesday. He was going to be admitted to hospital on the Monday but he had a letter today to tell him to be there starved, for 8am Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My day out!

Well! we got to Arley Garden Festival and at the time the Oh! Bearded One said we would which is just amazing as he will be late for his own funeral and he was on a Scouting activity in the morning and they always overrun. Also I had to go into work to input data over the Internet on the computer. We only have 1 computer linked to the Internet which our Administor is always on in the week so if I have to use it, it is always in the evenings or at the weekends. Of course this imputing had a deadline to it so bang went my weekend! I lost my sewing day on Sunday but I'm hopeful I will make up for it tomorrow/Thursday.

Here is Arley Hall, home of the Warburton family

and here is the very friendly house cat. It is sat on the parapet of a bridge going over a stream. If you look at the other picture you can see the bridge. The cat sat there for ages letting people pet it.
The Garden Festival was good but I don't think there was as much there as 2 years ago when we went last, the weather was definitely better, hot & sunny. Saturday was warm but cloudy and windy. The Oh! Bearded One got some plants. I was hoping to buy a couple of ready made hanging baskets (we got 2 beauties last time) but there weren't any but I did buy some earrings and a brooch to wear with a couple of edge to edge cardis.
I have been crocheting, I am just finishing the border on the 2nd baby blanket. I would like to do some hand quilting but it has been too hot today.
I've done lots of washing and some ironing today and this evening I went into work again to finish this data imputing (I was in last night until 1am as well) You wouldn't think I was a nurse would you?
On my way home from work tonight I saw something I've never, ever seen in my life - a completely empty motorway. There must have been an accident on the M6 below Sandbach I suspect as I met a lot of traffic coming up from Middlewich and going up the A566 to meet the M6 above Knutsford. The accident must have affected both carriageways to shut the motorway in both directions.