Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Czech trip

Well! we're back and we had a great time. The plane was delayed half an hour each way which isn't bad these days. The Thursday was very tiring because we had to be at the airport for 03.30am for a 06.45 flight to Prague. While we were in Prague we stayed with The Oh! Bearded One's niece. She is married to a Czech guy and they have a very cute 13 month old daughter. It was the first time we had seen Mila which was great.

Prague is a beautiful city, we love it! It is 5 years since we last went and things have changed slightly but I would say for the better. When the communists were in power they built lots of boring, drab buildings and the old buildings never had any money spend on them. Now many buildings have been restored and the boring buildings are being spruced up. There are still areas that need work but isn't there in some British cities?

As you can imagine it was very busy in the tourist spots but if you went off the beaten track there were some very peaceful restaurants and bars. The weather was great the whole time we were there.

Here we are, on a boat trip on the river that goes right through the centre of the city. In the background you can see the Charles Bridge. The river is the River Vltava.

Part of the city is very hilly so you can get some great views! This one is from the hilly bit where the castle and Cathedral are. You can see the Charles Bridge again.

So is this one, just in a different direction.

This view is from the river looking towards the Cathedral.
We also spent part of Friday in Prague before meeting one of friends and going by train to Skuhrov which is where we will be camping with our Scouts in July. The train service is really good in the Czech Republic. A lot of the rolling stock is quite old but the trains run on time and they are very frequent, but of course the railways are owned by the state. Britain should never let our train service go into the private sector!
We came back to the UK on Sunday evening, quite late.


mandycharlie said...

It looks very beautiful, I was in Poland some years ago and the architecture in Poznan and Warsaw absolutely blew my mind. Prague looks just as beautiful.

Completely agree about our train situation, Kenilworth had its train station removed and we have been fighting ever since to have it reinstated. Personally I can't see it ever happening :(

Gina said...

I'm so jealous. I have always wanted to go to Prague. Perhaps I can persuade Mal that he would really like a city holiday for a change.

love and hugs xxx

clarabelle said...

Lovely photos, Ailsa - glad you had a good time! I haven't been to the Czech Republic (yet), though my son has, and he loved Prague too. I think there's obviously so much history and culture, it's just got to be an interesting place!

Knot Garden said...

Prague sounds like an interesting place. Those panoramic views are amazing.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

It looks like a beautiful place.
My niece taught English for 12 months in Prague and would agree with you about the trains. She went to see many different places very cheaply and efficiently whilst she lived over there.
I still have hanging in my window (and catching the sunlight beautifully) a stained glass square with wind chimes that she bought for me as a gift from Prague,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Prague pictures! Prague is on my list of places I dream of visiting. Looks like you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip! I've always wanted to visit Prague.