Monday, 2 June 2008

Crafting-Where? not here!

No crafting happening at present. I'm 2nd day in of 4 12 hour days. I've blogging last night & tonight and tomorrow night, after work I've a meeting. On Wednesday evening I'll be packing to go to the Czech Republic on a preliminary planning trip for our summer Scout camp in July (more info at a later date).

So some flowers from our garden instead.

Obviously these are Clematis but I don't know which varieties. If you know please let me know as you lot are very talented gardeners and I'm not a gardener. The Oh! Bearded One is the gardener in our family. I like and am interested in plants, I love visiting gardens and photographing plants and flowers. I will plant up hanging baskets and pots but I hate weeding and digging, I also find that sort of gardening too hard on the old joints.

I know some of you will have been plotting & scheming at Christmas what you are going to be planting up in the Spring!

I will be taking either some knitting or hand sewing with me to the Czech Republic, I haven't decided what yet. Next week I should be able to get my 2 colour challenge quilt top done as I should have an easier week (she says, hopefully)

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Gina said...

Gorgeous Clematis.

I'm afraid I'm one of those type of gardeners. I've just bougt some seeds that need to be sown now for flowers next year.

love and hugs xxx