Thursday, 26 June 2008

Crochet hooks

I placed an order with Web of Wool the other day and today I recieved it - some Clover crochet hooks in various sizes and some cotton to have a go at knitting a dishcloth as I think they look rather fun. I also recieved something else but I am not revealing that at present.

I really love these crochet hooks, because of the larger handle they are so much easier to use for my poor old hands. and as I am really into crochet at present they will be an investment. I want to make a nice little case for them at some point. You can buy a case with 8 of these hooks in but it costs a lot more than buying the hooks on their own and I felt it just wasn't worth it when I could make one so easily.

Thank you for your kind comments about my post yesterday, I am still planning on a sewing day on Sunday especially as the Oh! Bearded One is involved in a raft race with Scouts. I can't wait!!

I will draw the name for the freebie book on Sunday as well so there is still time to leave a comment on that post if you want to have a go.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Book give away and other bits.

On June 18th I posted about a book give away, 'Divas don't Knit' by Gil McNeil. I want to draw a name but I could do with a few more names to put in the hat so if you are interested please leave a comment ASAP.

In the last couple of days I've made more cards for work and I've done half of another baby blanket. I really want to do some quilting but I haven't got a clear space in the diary until Sunday I think and hope!

On Saturday the Oh! Bearded One and I are hoping to go to Arley Garden Festival. This is an annual garden festival held at a smallish stately home near us. We have been once 2 years ago and really enjoyed it so I hoping the weather is reasonable so we can go. We won't go until the afternoon as I need to go into work in the morning and the Oh! Bearded one is involved with Scouts going sailing.

Saturday night we are going to our annual Scout leaders and helpers BBQ which is usually good fun.

From Sunday I've got a couple of clear days so the sewing machine is coming out!!! Never mind the housework and ironing!!! Although once I come back from the Czech Repbulic I really must get the paint brush out and decorate the downstairs loo, lobby, lounge, stairs and landing as it is all getting grubby and it is annoying me.

I find I can ignore dirt and grime for so long and then I just have to do something about it. I wish I was the sort that did a bit of cleaning everyday or every week but I'm not but then if I did it that way I wouldn't have time to do any crafting which would make me very unhappy. If you have read previous posts you will be aware I suffer with depression. Since I've been blogging, making a conscious effort to knit or crochet and learning to quilt has made me more settled and far less prone to depressive episodes.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

This & that

Look what the Oh! Bearded One came home with, for no particular reason the other night. My Beloved isn't know for being very romantic, he is very down to earth and practical about emotions. I spent years thinking he was keeping things back but he doesn't. He just accepts what life chucks at him and gets on with it so when he does something romantic out of the blue, it is very special and I really appreciate it. The flowers are now more open but are going strong.

Just recently I haven't talked much about anything crafty because I have got fed up talking about something I've started but not finished. I wanted to show something I've finished so here it is!

A crocheted blanket for either a premature baby or to go over a baby in a car seat etc. It is done in some cheap baby DK and a size 4.00mm (F) hook. The pattern can be found here. I changed the border as there seemed to be too many stitches and it wasn't laying flat and I didn't like so I omitted the middle row and altered the way I did the other 2 rows.

It was very quick to and I've started another one and bought more yarn for yet another one. I will be giving them to our local hospital. There is a stall selling donated knitted and crocheted items for babies and small children. The money raised goes towards things for the special care baby unit I think.

Recognise these 2 yarns? I bought them at a show last year (can't remember which one, If you are really interested you could find out from a previous post). Of course I haven't done anything with them.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to do something with the lower one. I am crocheting it into a shawl and am using a pattern I found through Raverly called Muffin's stole. The blog I got it off is Norwegian but the photos were quite clear so I was able to follow what to do. Knitting or crocheting a shawl was one of my 2008 goals so if I finish it I will have achieved at least one of this year's goals. I haven't achieved any of them yet and we are half way through the year!

I have decided to bow out of Nicole's 2 colour quilt challenge as I really haven't got time at present to do it and I really want to finish what I've got started. Once I've finished one of the quilts I've got on the go I will start this 2 colour quilt as I am keen on it and I've got an idea I want to try out on it.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Free book

Does anyone want a copy of 'Divas don't Knit' by Gil McNeil? I have got a copy which I am now ready to pass on.

I loved this book, I thought it was so funny. If you would like it post a comment and I will draw a name and send it to you.

By the way, Clarabelle, I haven't forgotten you!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Stupid woman!

Who's the stupid woman? you are asking. Why, me, of course.

On Father's Day the Oh! Bearded One and I took my parents to Ness Gardens on the Wirral. This is a really lovely garden and well worth a visit if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

I took some lovely photos and when I was uploading them at work this evening I managed to not save them properly to my USB stick, meanwhile I deleted them off my camera so I have lost them. I am so cross with myself!!!

So I am showing more photos of our Czexh trip. These 3 photos are of the town we visited in Poland - Klodzko

Note the dull, boring flats on the skyline which I presume were built by the communist regime. It could be a British skyline couldn't it? except for the very red roof tiles which make the area very distinctive on both sides of the border.

These photos were taken from the fort. If you click on the link, it will tell you about the fort and all the tunnels going underneath the hillside. This is what we came to look at with a view to taking the Scouts there in July. We thought it was good so the Scouts will be visiting!
It was really interesting to visit a Polish town as we have Polish staff working for us and it gave me a small insight into what Poland is like.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Just call me 'Lady Ailsa'

No, I haven't been named in the Queen's birthday honours list (but there is always hope!). I found this on my travels through Blog land this evening and it gave me a laugh. Have a go and see what your title is.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Ailsa the Fortunate of Snotting on Wold
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Czech trip

Well! we're back and we had a great time. The plane was delayed half an hour each way which isn't bad these days. The Thursday was very tiring because we had to be at the airport for 03.30am for a 06.45 flight to Prague. While we were in Prague we stayed with The Oh! Bearded One's niece. She is married to a Czech guy and they have a very cute 13 month old daughter. It was the first time we had seen Mila which was great.

Prague is a beautiful city, we love it! It is 5 years since we last went and things have changed slightly but I would say for the better. When the communists were in power they built lots of boring, drab buildings and the old buildings never had any money spend on them. Now many buildings have been restored and the boring buildings are being spruced up. There are still areas that need work but isn't there in some British cities?

As you can imagine it was very busy in the tourist spots but if you went off the beaten track there were some very peaceful restaurants and bars. The weather was great the whole time we were there.

Here we are, on a boat trip on the river that goes right through the centre of the city. In the background you can see the Charles Bridge. The river is the River Vltava.

Part of the city is very hilly so you can get some great views! This one is from the hilly bit where the castle and Cathedral are. You can see the Charles Bridge again.

So is this one, just in a different direction.

This view is from the river looking towards the Cathedral.
We also spent part of Friday in Prague before meeting one of friends and going by train to Skuhrov which is where we will be camping with our Scouts in July. The train service is really good in the Czech Republic. A lot of the rolling stock is quite old but the trains run on time and they are very frequent, but of course the railways are owned by the state. Britain should never let our train service go into the private sector!
We came back to the UK on Sunday evening, quite late.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Just a quick post to say that in 4 hours we are on the way to Manchester airport to fly out to the Czech Republic for the weekend to plan the activities for Scout camp in July (only 6 weeks away!!!)

Post again Monday.

Have a good weekend yourselves!!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Crafting-Where? not here!

No crafting happening at present. I'm 2nd day in of 4 12 hour days. I've blogging last night & tonight and tomorrow night, after work I've a meeting. On Wednesday evening I'll be packing to go to the Czech Republic on a preliminary planning trip for our summer Scout camp in July (more info at a later date).

So some flowers from our garden instead.

Obviously these are Clematis but I don't know which varieties. If you know please let me know as you lot are very talented gardeners and I'm not a gardener. The Oh! Bearded One is the gardener in our family. I like and am interested in plants, I love visiting gardens and photographing plants and flowers. I will plant up hanging baskets and pots but I hate weeding and digging, I also find that sort of gardening too hard on the old joints.

I know some of you will have been plotting & scheming at Christmas what you are going to be planting up in the Spring!

I will be taking either some knitting or hand sewing with me to the Czech Republic, I haven't decided what yet. Next week I should be able to get my 2 colour challenge quilt top done as I should have an easier week (she says, hopefully)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Look, a Winner!

As promised my God-daughter drew out the winning name!

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know I won a competition on this person's blog. I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, it is not a fix!!!!! She has won my competiton fair and square!!!

It is.......................................

Her winning name for my quilt is 'Cherry Blossom'. So, Clarabelle please could you remind (by e-mail) me of your snail mail address?
But I am afraid the prize is still a secret as Clarabelle is such a good knitter and has every yarn under the sun I am going to have to find a very special prize indeed!!!