Friday, 30 May 2008

Days out and card making

I have had a lovely few days with my oldest God-daughter. She will be 16 next month. Yesterday my God-D, DD and I went to Llandudno on the North Welsh coast. We had a lovely day.

On the way we went to Aberkhan Fabrics in Mostyn. This place is a converted mill that sells fabrics by the kilo, fabrics on the roll, knitting yarns, gifts and papercraft products. I bought £300 worth of well known named quilting fabric for a sixth of the cost. In all there was 34 metres, mainly in 3.5 metre lengths - wonderful for backing, borders and bindings for the lap quilts I want to make for work. I also bought some upholstry fabric and foam to re-cover a foot stool for work and some papercraft products for my card making.

After Aberkhan Fabrics we went on into Llandudno. We did some shopping and the girls had a short paddle in the very cold sea, then we went to Conwy for the most wonderful fish & chips.

I thought I would show some recent cards I've made for selling at work.

On this card I used some of the new Laura Ashley paper and embellishments.

This card has got papers on it that I am unsure of, up to recently I haven't taken much notice of what papers are called or where I got them.

These cards are made with new papers from Dovecraft.

In Llandudno there is a craft shop that sells loads of decoupage papers and I had a whale of time. Hopefully I'll show the fruits of my labour very soon!!
My God-D has drawn the winning name for my little competition and I will reveal all on Sunday evening when I will be able to download photos. I am sharing a camera cable with the works' camera (same camera) as the other cable was faulty and has had to be thrown away and I am next in work on Sunday.
Tomorrow I am going on a Group Scout Leaders conference. I am hoping it is going to be interesting otherwise I am going to see it as a waste of a day when I could be at home working on my 2 colour quilt for Nicole's challenge. I am supposed to post about it on Sunday but I haven't got past the cutting out phase yet!


chook said...

your cards are beautiful
hugs Beth

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

You had a wonderful day out and snagged lots of goodies. I lived in North Wales for a while when I was a youngster and so remember Llandudno, Rhyl, Abergele and surrounding areas very well. Lovely area.
You will have lots of lovely material for your quilts now. It's lovely to spend a day gleaning craft supplies.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love LLandudno...beautiful place.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely cards! It is alawys great to combine a day out with some shopping for art/craft supplies!