Sunday, 4 May 2008

I am addicted!!!

It's a very strange evening, we are experiencing thundery rain and the sky is a very strange colour, sort of yellowy, grey, orange sky!! most peculiar.

I was supposed to take my Beavers to visit Cub camp but I cancelled as the weather forecast was so poor. I was going to be the only leader other than parent helpers and the site is very muddy, I didn't fancy 14 Beavers getting very wet and muddy and trying to entertain them on my own.

This afternoon I've been working on SofM's quilt, hand quilting some blocks. I am really enjoying it.

This quilting malarkey is very addictive and I blame all you quilters in blog land. You have started something you know!!! I have got so many ideas and a colleague at work has asked me to come up with a touchy feely idea for our Dementia care unit. My DD is desperate for me to start a quilt for her and I want to do 1 for my Mum so I will be quilting until I am very old and grey (although I am quite grey now).

I find that quilting is so much easier on my hands than other crafts such as knitting, although I will continue to knit, particularly socks!!!

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