Friday, 30 May 2008

Days out and card making

I have had a lovely few days with my oldest God-daughter. She will be 16 next month. Yesterday my God-D, DD and I went to Llandudno on the North Welsh coast. We had a lovely day.

On the way we went to Aberkhan Fabrics in Mostyn. This place is a converted mill that sells fabrics by the kilo, fabrics on the roll, knitting yarns, gifts and papercraft products. I bought £300 worth of well known named quilting fabric for a sixth of the cost. In all there was 34 metres, mainly in 3.5 metre lengths - wonderful for backing, borders and bindings for the lap quilts I want to make for work. I also bought some upholstry fabric and foam to re-cover a foot stool for work and some papercraft products for my card making.

After Aberkhan Fabrics we went on into Llandudno. We did some shopping and the girls had a short paddle in the very cold sea, then we went to Conwy for the most wonderful fish & chips.

I thought I would show some recent cards I've made for selling at work.

On this card I used some of the new Laura Ashley paper and embellishments.

This card has got papers on it that I am unsure of, up to recently I haven't taken much notice of what papers are called or where I got them.

These cards are made with new papers from Dovecraft.

In Llandudno there is a craft shop that sells loads of decoupage papers and I had a whale of time. Hopefully I'll show the fruits of my labour very soon!!
My God-D has drawn the winning name for my little competition and I will reveal all on Sunday evening when I will be able to download photos. I am sharing a camera cable with the works' camera (same camera) as the other cable was faulty and has had to be thrown away and I am next in work on Sunday.
Tomorrow I am going on a Group Scout Leaders conference. I am hoping it is going to be interesting otherwise I am going to see it as a waste of a day when I could be at home working on my 2 colour quilt for Nicole's challenge. I am supposed to post about it on Sunday but I haven't got past the cutting out phase yet!

Monday, 26 May 2008

A quilt top.

On May 19th I showed you this block - a disappearing 9 patch.

Look at it now!! (Looking at the photo I'm not sure I manipulated the cut blocks quite right but in the flesh it looks OK)
Another top!! but sandwiched and ready to quilt. I tried machine quilting it (using a walking foot) but the backing was quite rucked up (I was obviously doing something wrong but I don't know what at present) and I wasn't satisfied with it. I am now hand quilting it.
As you are aware I posted about a quilt top on 16th May that I was making for a work colleague and I am running a little competition to name it. Today I showed photos of it and the one above at work and the consensus was that our colleague would prefer the one above (which is handy as I've started quilting it).
I am still running the naming competition for the other one but I going to close the competition on Wednesday so that my God-Daughter (who comes to stay on Wednesday for 3 days) can draw the winning name. I am sure that I will give this quilt as a comfort quilt to someone else, meanwhile I'll carry on hand quilting the one above!
As our Nursing Home is named after a tree and this quilt is green I am going to name it 'The ******* Hug'

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Just 2 quick reminders

1) Pay it Forward - see my post for April 6th. I've got one sign up but I would love the 2 others.

2) Naming my quilt top - I've got a couple of names but would gladly like to recieve more so it is more of a competition so come on, get commenting!

Thank you

Monday, 19 May 2008

A sock and a block

I thought I would show you my sock knitting bag. This little bag was purchased at vast expense (£2.19) from Tesco to hold my sock knitting when I take it out and about.

This is where I'm up to on sock number 2. I keep doing a few rows whilst I'm reading blogs. Other knitting is out the window at present whilst I'm quilting. Quilting has taken over my life at present but I'll come full circle later in the year and start knitting like a demon. That's me!!! All or nothing!!!
This block is part of of the lap quilt I'm going to do for work. You can see where I've cut it into quarters. Now what happens that 2 of the quarters are turned and it's all sewn back together again.

I managed to cut out the blue and white quilt but I've not started sewing the blocks yet, hopefully later in the week.

Friday, 16 May 2008

I've got it!

Look what I received in yesterday's post - my fabric for Nicole's 2 colour challenge. It's a 6 fat quarter pack called 'Porcelain Paisley' from The Cotton Patch. I was complaining about the slowness of the delivery of these, Helen pointed out that they will be extra busy because of the Malvern quilt show so I apologise and I will order from them again as they have some lovely fabrics and lots of good equipment.

I am hoping to make a start on this quilt this coming weekend. I should have been off work all weekend but we are short tomorrow so I am working tomorrow morning but I'll try to start it tomorrow afternoon.

I am adding 3 other fabrics as I want to make disappearing 9 patch blocks as they look complicated but are so easy to do. The white fabric I already had and the blue spotty fabric I bought yesterday from one of my LQS, I am also going to use some of the blue Moda Marble fabric I have left from SofM's quilt. If I have time I would like to try some applique on this quilt but I'll have to see how the time goes as I want to have this quilt finished to take to the Czech Republic on July 19th for Eva, the Czech Scout Leader whose troop we are camping with.

This is a disappearing 9 patch block that I have made as part of a comfort quilt for my colleague at work. This colleague is having such a bad time and I wanted to how much I care and I thought this would be a good way of showing it.
The fabric is a Blackbird design for Moda but I'm not sure what the name is of the group of fabrics. I love it though. I have enough of these blocks to make myself a lap quilt as well.

This is the completed top. I need to cut the batting and the backing and get it quilted. I have ordered a walking foot for my new Janome sewing machine before I start quilting it. As I have never machine quilted anything before I am going to keep it simple and just quilt it in the ditch.
I don't know what to call it, any ideas? I will run a little competition and give a small prize (to be decided depending whose name is pulled out of the hat) to the name drawn out of a hat. Please leave your ideas on the comments bit of my blog. I will announce the winner on 26th May. I'd love it if you took part.

Look what else I've got!! This is a Moda Layer cake called 'Hemming House'. The 2 pieces of fabric are from the same range as the Layer cake and will be used as background on the blocks I am going to use. The quilt I am going to make from these is for our bed as 'Hemming House' incorporates my favorite colours. This is going to be a long term project and I am really looking forward to starting it.

As you can see I am completely in love with Moda fabrics, there are loads I like.
Don't forget my little competition!!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Still waiting, still anticipating!

Still waiting for my fabric for the 2 colour challenge. I'm not sure I'll use this web site again, they are too slow!!

Have you noticed 'Google'? It's Florence Nightingale's birthday today ot it would be if she was still alive. I wonder what she would think of today's NHS? I do know she would be very unhappy with the infection control side of things!

No quilting this weekend (I couldn't have coped with hand quilting as it has been too warm) but some card making and a Jumble sale to raise funds for the Scout Group. There was also some stash enhancement going on, both for quilting and for papercraft. There are some new Trimcraft papers out that are lovely! I did manage a few rows on my sock.

Unfortuately I didn't photograph the cards as I have taken them to work. I sold 4 this morning!!

I am hoping to quilt on Thursday as long as I don't have to sacrifice my day off for work.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Still waiting!

I am still waiting for the fabric for Nicole's 2 colour quilt challenge. I hope it comes soon as I've got a dead line for this quilt that I would really like to keep.

Tomorrow is my Scout group's annual jumble sale. We go around the village going door to door collecting any donations of jumble. We tend to get quite a lot doing this way and it helps with recycling! We've not had any knitty or quilty things yet but there's always tomorrow morning. Quite a lot of people drop stuff off for us on the morning of the jumble sale.

One of my LQS is having a sale later in the month and have let me have some sale fabric early so that I can make some lap quilts for wheelchair users at work. I am sick of seeing white hospital blankets being used, they look awful and they are bulky. There are so many beautiful quilt fabrics and they will be so much more interesting to look at.

Still sock knitting, a few rounds each evening!

No hand stitching on SofM's quilt as it has been too hot to have it on my lap while I stitch.

Monday, 5 May 2008

2 colour quit challenge

The other day I listed some of the quilting projects I want to do, so what do I go and do? I go and join Nicole in her 2 colour quilt challenge. I'm not sure why I am doing this as I am a novice quilter and I haven't really got the time but I thought it would be a good idea at the time. As you may have realised other than knitting socks, knitting has gone out of the window (having said that I bought the cobblestone pullover for The Oh! Bearded One from Interweave Press this evening). Quilting has taken over! Big Time!!!

The idea of the challenge is to make a quilt from just 2 colours of fabric by August 1st. This is a good deadline for me as I go out to the Czech Republic on July 19th and I would like to take this out to the Czech female Scout Leader as I know she would really appreciate it. This gives me the impetus to get going on it and get it finished.

I've ordered the basic fabric from Cottonpatch which will take a week so this gives me time to decide what pattern I will use. The blocks need to be simple to make and I will machine quilt it, again, very simply.

I am quite excited about this!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Thank you again!

On my last post I forgot to say 'Thank you' for the very kind comments I have recently recieved on my Blog. Thank you very much!!!!

I am addicted!!!

It's a very strange evening, we are experiencing thundery rain and the sky is a very strange colour, sort of yellowy, grey, orange sky!! most peculiar.

I was supposed to take my Beavers to visit Cub camp but I cancelled as the weather forecast was so poor. I was going to be the only leader other than parent helpers and the site is very muddy, I didn't fancy 14 Beavers getting very wet and muddy and trying to entertain them on my own.

This afternoon I've been working on SofM's quilt, hand quilting some blocks. I am really enjoying it.

This quilting malarkey is very addictive and I blame all you quilters in blog land. You have started something you know!!! I have got so many ideas and a colleague at work has asked me to come up with a touchy feely idea for our Dementia care unit. My DD is desperate for me to start a quilt for her and I want to do 1 for my Mum so I will be quilting until I am very old and grey (although I am quite grey now).

I find that quilting is so much easier on my hands than other crafts such as knitting, although I will continue to knit, particularly socks!!!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Nothing happening

Gone back to work - knackered!!!!!

Nothing happening here at the moment.