Friday, 18 April 2008

Day 1, On track!

Well! I've been a busy girl today. I managed to get up at 8.20am which is very good for me. I did the errands for work, made a birthday card that had been ordered, bought sashing and border material for SofM's quilt, the backing material for his quilt & the quilt I am going to make next week, 3 x 0.5 meters of fabric for my stash (possibly for a quilt for my Mum) and a sewing machine!

I've bought a Janome. It is much lighter weight that Betty Bernina, which is my old faithful machine. I have bought it because I want to start doing classes and I would like to join a group as well. Betty B is too heavy to lug about and her carrying case is broken. It will also serve as a back up whilst Betty B goes for servicing and repairing. DD will also use it as she is used to using Janome machines and she doesn't really like Betty B.

I am doing a class next Wednesday which will be the first ever class I've taken in any craft since I left school. I usually teach myself from books and these days, the internet.

This evening I went to Aglow which is a Christian women's outreach and ministry group which meets in Northwich town centre. It is an internationally run organisation and there are groups all over the world. It's lovely to think there are women all over the world ministering to other women in these groups. May God Bless each and every one!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I have a Betty B which belonged to my mum. I rarely use it as I can't lift it at the moment.I still have my old electric Singer machine that was bought for me when I was 17 and still in perfect working order although a little noisy. I inherited a very old treadle Singer in it's battered wooden table with iron legs that belonged to my aunt who was a tailoress in the 1940/50's. I love that machine and must try to get the treadle strap mended. I doesn't do any fancy stitching like Betty B but it gives me a feeling of contentment as I treadle away.