Thursday, 3 April 2008

Weekend away

Have you seen or heard the weather forecast for the weekend? Very cold and possible snow! Typical! just in time for our weekend in the Lake District, so it will be thermal underwear and warm clothing for me or if it's really horrible it will be shopping in Kendal and sitting in a nice warm hotel knitting!!

We go tomorrow morning. We are having lunch with friends who live near Lake Windermere and then we will drive to the hotel. We are going to meet up with about 20 of our friends for a weekend of good company, hopefully good food and some walking.

We usually go away together like this once a year and often the boys go away on their own for a weekend of bonding (read into that lots of booze!) and climbing or walking. It was the boys being friends through Scouting that started all this in the first place. The boys have been friends for over 20 years, some of the girls have come and gone but the boys have stuck together. I am one of the original girls. The Oh! Bearded One & I are one of the 2 couples that have been married the longest!

I will be taking my sock (I hope my hands settle down, they have been painful today) and a good book - Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson.

I have read all of Peter Robinson's books, I love crime novels!

I'll be back Sunday evening. Have a great weekend!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I hope ethat you have a good weekend and that your hands settle down enough for you to get some sock knitting done.
Hopefully the weather will stay warm enough for you.