Sunday, 6 April 2008

Our weekend!

We are back from our weekend in the Lake District. We had a lovely time! The weather yesterday wasn't too bad, especially in the morning.

The photo above was taken in the Lakes in 2005, this time these hill tops had snow on them, it snowed overnight and again this morning - click on the link below, there is a photo showing just what it was like this morning.

It was lovely to see our friends and the lunch they gave us was really nice.

The hotel was comfortable, although the bedrooms are in need of decorating. The food was excellent, we ate and drank too much but that's what a weekend away is all about, isn't it?

We went walking yesterday but I didn't the full walk the group did (they walked up Cat Bells which I have done before) because of the groin strain, if I had I wouldn't have been able to get my leg high enough on some of the steep bits, also my hands were too sore to put pressure on the walking pole I tend to use for steep bits. Never mind, I enjoyed the bit I did do, the views were very good.

In the afternoon I went into Keswick and had a potter about there. I then went back to the hotel and read my book for a while.

This morning the group did a short walk before we left but myself and 2 of the other ladies sat in the hotel lounge, had a chat and watched the snow come down.

Hope you had as nice a weekend as I did!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

So glad you had a good weekend. It's nice to get away for a change even if the hotel bedroom did need redecorating (I would have felt quite at home cos mine does too)
Hope your hands recover soon. I had carpal tunnel surgery just over a year ago and whilst it cured one problem (numbness)it seemed to trigger arthritis in my fingers. Ah well we can't have it all. As long as we can still hold a needle we will be OK.
I found that hand exercises taught at water aerobics helped and so when my hands are submerged in water ( in the bath or in clean water before washing dishes)I repeat the exercises most days and they do help my hands to stay flexible.