Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sock saga

I'm passed the ribbed cuff on sock 1. I will not be defeated, I will get the hang of sock knitting, even if it kills me in the process (which at the rate I'm going it will!!).

I bought a little wash bag in Tesco this afternoon, £2.19 I think, red with a tasteful cream flower in one corner and a drawstring top. It's idea for carrying half knitted socks in and just in time for the weekend away.

I was also very brave this afternoon, I sat in Marks & Spencer's cafe with a cup of coffee and knitted my sock. I don't know many people saw me but the lady on the next table asked me what I was making. She didn't appear to think I was mad for knitting socks as couple of my friends have done.

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mandycharlie said...

Oh, it took me months to get my first pair of socks knitted. But when I did, WOW, it was a lovely feeling. I carried my completed pair around for weeks just showing people, I almost (but not quite) got to the stage of showing random strangers in the street.

Keep going, you'll love them.