Thursday, 17 April 2008

Not enough hours in a day!

Today I worked my last official shift before I begin my week's holiday (I've got to nip into work tomorrow to drop some stuff off). Although I have decided not to do any decorating whilst on holiday because of my hands, I've got lots lined up.
  • Clean kitchen cupboards out
  • Catch up on the ironing and washing - LOL!!!!
  • Clean all windows inside and out (upstairs ones slide sidewards)
  • Do basic cleaning (not been done for weeks, don't tell Aggie & Kim, I really couldn't cope with them telling me what I've got growing in my fridge, I'm a nurse, they would tell me I should know better)
  • Finish 2 quilt tops
  • Start and mostly complete a new quilt for a girl at work who is having a particularly tough time (I told you quilting was addictive, I told you, you didn't believe me did you?)
  • Get rid of various items no longer required.
  • Making cards for work ( lots of them as I've nearly sold up.)

And of course there are several lots of knitting needing attention.

Now, bearing in mind I tend not to be able to get out of bed much before 10-11am when I'm not working, what do you think my chances are? Probably zero, I know, but I WILL give it a go as the house is getting on my nerves and I feel the new quilt is important.

Now, you do realise you are going to get a daily blow by blow account don't you? I hope you are up for it!!

1 comment:

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Skip the first few chores. People shouldn't be looking in your cupboards and fridge anyway so just keep the doors shut and no-one will know. We won't tell Kim and Aggie.
Go straight to nice things to do on your week off.
Chores are what they are called - chores and not meant for holiday activities!
Enjoy your week off.