Thursday, 24 April 2008

Holiday bits & pieces

Well! I've done a few of the things on my holiday list but not many really, still I've a few days more before I go back to work.

I've just about completed both my quilt top and SofM's quilt top, I've done some spring washing, you know the sort of thing, bed valances and mattress covers. I've tidied one or two mucky corners but I've loads more to do.

Yesterday I went to a quilting workshop. We made a manipulated flower wall hanging. I've got on well with it, I had some hand stitching to do on it, of which I've done quite a lot today. I will take a photo when it is finished.

I am determined to complete the 2 quilt tops and then start the one for my colleague at work before I go back to work next Wednesday and I will probably let the house work go hang but DD will have won her bet. She has been on holiday in Tenerife with a fellow student off her course. Before she went away she said I wouldn't have done any of the house work and she is right!! Isn't it horrible when your children are right?


mandycharlie said...

LoL, They know us so well.

Its nice that you had some time for yourself. Your an excellent role model for your daughter.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

They always know that they are right (whether they are or aren't) so why worry about it.
I love the mental picture that manipulated flower conjures up in my mind. Do you tweak it petal by petal?

clarabelle said...

My husband doesn't understand the concept of housework: he thinks if you do it once, then it just stays like that forever. I've now convinced him that some little elves come out at night and do ours. I mean, I couldn't possibly have done it, could I?