Friday, 11 April 2008

Busyness, socks & Blah!

Look what I was up to yesterday afternoon!

I have heard and read that quilting is addictive and so it is! Be warned, if you are thinking about having a go make sure you have enough money and enough space because one quilt leads to another.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

I love it!!!

Back in March I showed some blocks I have started for a lap quilt to go over the back of my sofa, now I intend to finish the whole top when I am on holiday the week after next (I hoped to decorate but the old hands aren't going to let me, what a shame, I'll just have to knit and quilt!!!) but I decided some weeks ago I want to make a quilt for SofM to take to uni. So here it is.

I bought 2 charm packs of 6" Moda Marbles, one in blues & 1 in greens at the NEC when I went in March, specifically for this quilt. Yesterday I couldn't contain myself any longer and started it. I cut the patches down to 4 & a half" and then made 9 9 patch blocks and because I want the quilt to be rectangular I used the 1 & half" strips to make a piano key border for the top and bottom of it. I now need to purchase the material for the sashing, borders and backing (see what I mean about needing money) which I am going to do this weekend so I can also try to get the top completed when I am on holiday. The quilting of this top is going to be very simple, buttons and hand tieing, maybe some very simple hand quilting in the middle square of each 9 patch block.

Each block is different as each charm pack only had one of each Moda Marble colour so the overall effect is quite bright but there is sufficient interest to make you look at each block.

I particularly like the boarders, I can't wait to see the finished top. Everything needs pressing but I decided there wasn't any point yesterday as they are going to lay around for over a week now.

Socks - because I've been ploughing up and down motorways this week and the Oh! Bearded One has driven, I've been able to knit my sock. I was really pleased on Wednesday evening when we got back from Edinburgh, I had turned the heel and was going great guns down the foot. I picked it up last night and noticed I had dropped a stitch when decreasing for the gusset so guess what happened? You've got it - ripppppppppp! Grrrrrrrrrrr! I'm a perfectionist and although I could have repaired it, I would have known and it would have spoiled them for me.
I have taken the opportunity to go right back past the heel flap as I meant to do a re-enforced heel but had knitted a few rows of the flap before I remembered. This time I'll do the re-enforced one.
I've felt Blah today, shaky and achy. I am putting it down to my period, I haven't had one for nearly 3 months and I am now paying for it! Never mind, hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.


Andrea said...

This is going to be fantastic once it's put together. Your son will love it. And you're right - once you start buying fabric you can't stop. Still you're doing your bit for the Britich economy - lol !

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

As I have the sewing skills of a ham fisted bear and the eye sight of a bat you shall not tempt me into quilting. I would end up with lob sided dog stitched pieces and as I am a bit of a perfectionist that would drive me nuts!
I shall instead admire your quilt from afar and pray that your son doesn't put it in the hot wash with his jeans whilst at uni.
Sorry about the socks. As I have been doing an awful lot of rrrripping myself lately I feel your pain.

clarabelle said...

The quilt looks fantastic! Hope your son takes care of it...! Eeek.

Anonymous said...