Monday, 24 March 2008

Yummy! chocolate!

Well! I did it, I managed not to eat chocolate until Easter Sunday, and oh! how I enjoyed chocolate yesterday and I've had more today!!!

I haven't mentioned knitting foe a while! I have been fighting with socks again this week and they have been wining! I've cast on 2-3 socks and not been happy with them and this latest one has given difficulty around the heel. I will not be defeated!!! I am going to try a different heel technique but just not tonight!

I introduced my Mum to the wonders of chosing and ordering yarn on line tonight. She was quite impressed. She wants to knit a Sirdar Silky Look edge to edge cardi so we ordered the yarn on line. She wanted to use Sirdar Calico instead of the Silky Look as it is rather splity so that has want has been ordered, in a lilac colourway. She will be even more impressed when it turns up on Wednesday.

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I bet that chocolate tasted good after not eating any for a long time. Enjoy it.

Sirdar Silky Look stands the test of time. I used to stock it more than 15 yrs ago and it was a best seller. I didn't find any trouble with it splitting but I haven't used the latest version of it.

I have not ordered online as yet as I do like the feel the yarn and see it up close and personal if possible but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right amount and colour of yarn in the LYS.