Sunday, 30 March 2008

Is it summertime yet?

Well! it's the first day of British Summertime today and it has been a lovely sunny day for a change. We've has some horrible weather this week so it has been so nice to see the sun shining. It has been warm enough for the Oh! Bearded One to potter about in the garden. We've had the first wasp in the conservatory and the sun has shown up how dirty all the windows are, they will have to stay dirty until I am on annual leave from work during April, I intend to do some serious cleaning and hopefully some decorating if my hands are up to it (which I am doubting at present but we'll see) .

I hope the weather is as nice next weekend as the Oh! Bearded One and I are going to the Lake District with a large group of friends. We are staying in a hotel on the side of Derwent water and probably will do some walking.

I've been sorting laundry, changing the bed and tidying up the study enough to walk across the floor and to be able to use the desk. I've made a card but my heart wasn't in making any more. I am now watching 'Nanny McPhee' and contemplating either sock knitting or hand piecing some more 9 patch blocks (see photo below, the photos are in the wrong order of course, if only Blogger would let me insert photos where I want to put them!).

Here is another gratuatous photo of Molly, on the back of the conservatory sofa which is one of her favorite places.

These are the 9 patch blocks I am currently hand piecing. I've done one more and started another since this photo was taken. Because the patchs are only 1 & a half inchs, these blocks don't take long to stitch. I have still no idea what I am going to do with them , I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.
I've been reading a lot of quilting blogs and am seriously inspired. There are some very seriously talented quilters on both side of the 'pond'

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I also watched Nanny McPhee. You are lucky with your photos. Blogger only lets me put mine at the top in a straight line like a train. Tonight it took 3 attempts before it accepted the first one. As usual I probably haven't read the instructions properly!
I am also starting decorating tomorrow and before I knew this had spent the day cleaning. My hands and back aren't over thrilled by either event.