Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Amyralis & Molly

I have quite delighted with my Amyralis this year. I was given 2 as Christmas presents. I was given one last year but it didn't flower, it appeared to be blind so I really pleased that this year they both flowered. In my usual sloppy way I didn't get them planted until quite late but they have flowered well never the less. The one pictured is the 2nd of the 2, the other one is over, was a very pale pink with a slightly darker pink in the centres of the flowers. The one photoed is lovely, slightly darker red than in the photo.
I now want to try to keep the bulbs and replant them again for next year but I'm hopeless at doing the right thing to keep plants to regrow and flower again. I will need to look up what I need to do.
Last night my parents came over for a meal and here is Molly, joining us at the table. All she needs is a knife and fork!

She is a cheeky girl!!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Beautiful Molly and beautiful Amyrilis of course. I had a black cat called Nelson for 19 yrs. Such a character. He would have been up there at the next chair with Molly! His cheekyness is sadly missed.