Thursday, 6 March 2008

18th Birthday!

Here's the card I made for SofM's 18th Birthday. I couldn't buy a card I liked that had both 'son' and '18th birthday' on it so I made one. SofM is about a year old on this photo. He was a really happy, contented small child and he hasn't changed much as he has got older. He is very laid back (sometimes too much so) and as a teenager hasn't been prone to temper tantrums or bad behaviour.

He is taking his 'A' level exams this year so we are looking at universities. Yesterday we went to look at the University of Surrey near Guildford, Surrey. It is a nice university on a very green site. I can see SofM studing there. He looks at Bangor University in Wales on Monday and we go to look Heriot Watt in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 9th of April.

Really, as 18th birthdays go he has had a very quiet birthday. We have had a meal at home with my Mum & Dad. We are going out for a meal on the 27th of March, that's the next time we can get together without either me or DD being on shift. He will buy his first legal drink tomorrow when he goes to someone else's 18th birthday party.

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