Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Still no chocolate!

I have had some lovely comments on both Janet's and Kathy's blogs, thank you so much. They have made me feel very special. Crafters are very special people and with the miracle of modern technology we can speak to each other all over the world and support each other when the going gets tough.

I haven't broken my 'No chocolate for Lent'. I crave some every day but I haven't given into temptation I am glad to say.

I've more projects on the go than I should have. I have still got the Rowan Cotton Jean waistcoat on the go. Last week I cast on 'Fizzle' from the Rowan Classic Summer Breeze book. This is being knitted in Rowan Cashsoft DK in a teal green colour. Yesterday I made the 'mistake' of going to Fibre & Clay in Knutsford and I bought 2 balls of Noro Kureyon to start 'Lizard Ridge' from Knitty and 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden for Design 23 out of Noro Designer Mini Knits. I cast them both on yesterday and have done a bit more of each of them today. Also last week I recieved my 'Interweave Knits' but I'm not desparate to do anything out of it at the moment which is a good job!

I can see why knitters say that 'Lizard Ridge' is addictive and each square won't take long to do as long I don't to make as many corrections as I have done so far. I had a look on Raverly last night at all the 'Lizard Ridge' and they were beautiful.

I am past the rib on the back of 'Design 23' and as it is done in stocking stitch it also won't take long.

In a past post I talked of plotting and scheming. What I have been up to is to start quilting. I've wanted to have a go for a very long time and I have started with a lap quilt. It is made up of 15 9inch blocks. All the blocks are made and I have started sashing them. I've really enjoyed the process so far! I am going to get addicted, I can just see.


Krafty Kathryn said...

Hello Ailsa, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The quilt block you were asking about is called "Ohio". I'm so glad you've started quilting - it's a wonderful hobby and you can make such lovely things. Leave yourself some time for ATCS though! Good luck with the chocolate for lent.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Well done on the no chocolate. I would have caved in long ago although I am more of a savoury nibbler hence my sylph like figure ( Ha Ha - I wish!). Why do you think I passed on the visit to Fibre and Clay when my knitting group went? I know I would have been so tempted with all the lovely stuff in there and I am supposed to be de-stashing and not adding to it. That's the trouble with us knitters. Our eyes are bigger than our needles. No matter how much yarn we have there is always room for more.