Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Positive & negative

I failed to get up bfore 10am again (a day off) but I have managed my first day without chocolate despite a Beaver giving me some Lindt chocolates as a thank you for having him in Beavers ( he is moving up to Cubs).

I am off again tomorrow so I will try again to get up well before 10am!

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The Quilter said...

Thanks for the comment on "It's the Cat's House, I Just Live Here" about managing posting photos. That's what I finally realized I would have to do - craft the text around the photos. May I offer my consolation and support on your struggles with depression. I have seen its effects on people close to me and recognize the difficulties you face. I was tickled to see your location - my first non-North American comment! YAH! I have to wonder how you found me! Take care.