Friday, 8 February 2008

No Chocolate!

Well! Day 2 is over and I managed the temptation not to eat any chocolate, so onward to day 3!

Not much crafting going on today, rather a lack of motivation but I did sort out some Christmas cards I've been given. I will try to use parts of cards to make other cards for next Christmas, I am also using a tag punch to make gift labels to sell at work.

The other thing I did do today was get out my trusty Bernina and repair a hoist sling for work, a 2 minute job! ( we use a hoist and hoist sling to move people from bed to chair etc when they are unable to stand or walk, instead of lifting them manually)

I have rather fallen out of love with the green Jaeger Matchmaker vest I am knitting. I have decided it won't suit me as I feel I am too plump around the middle and it will make me look even plumper so yesterday I found a very similar pattern on the web but it is shorter so I think I will be frogging it and starting again.

1 comment:

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Frog if you must. If you are unhappy with it then it will probably stay half knitted in a bag anyway so bite the bullet and RIPPPP. No negative comments from you about your figure you know what Gwok from 'How to Look Good Naked' TV show would say - "You have an hourglass figure so show it off girlfriend"