Wednesday, 27 February 2008

It didn't do it for me!

As you will have gathered there was an earthquake in the U.K last night, it's epicentre was on the eastern side of the country in the county of Lincolnshire. Although I was up and about (I was at work doing a night check) I never felt a thing but when I got home the Oh! Bearded One was excited because it was felt here in Northwich. He said the wardrobe doors were shaking!! What excitement!! I always miss the fun!!

Having said that I do remember feeling tremors back in 1990 when we still lived in Sheffield. I was sat at the dining table behind the sewing machine making curtains for our new house that we had just moved into. DD was 2 and SofM was a few weeks old.

I am still going strong on the 'No chocolate for Lent' kick, I am still craving but I haven't given in yet!

I haven't done any more to the quilting blocks I talked about last Wednesday but I have been doing a little bit of hand piecing on different blocks which I have enjoyed as much as machine piecing. I have also been knitting here and there. I did a few rows on 'Fizzle' on the way to and from Chester on Sunday.

The Oh! Bearded One passed his NEBOSH (a health & safety qualification) exams and he wanted to go out as a way of celebration. As the weather was suspect we spent the day in Chester which was lovely. We had a really nice Sunday lunch and did a little bit of clothes shopping.

Later this week it's more card making for work - Easter cards!


Kathy Wajerski said...

I read about your earthquake this morning on Enthusiastic Crochetoholic's blog. I didn't know the UK had serious earthquakes. I never felt one the entire time I lived in California but on Guam, while pregnant with Zach, I felt one that scared me mightily.

Glad you're doing well with the no-chocolate goal. Mine has been mostly to find myself and I'm beginning to see hidden images of myself I never knew existed.

But chocolate has been a major part of my journey, unfortunately.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I was trying to upload some photos on Ravelry when my PC chair shook and the rocking chair started rocking all on it's own. It's a bit spooky when you live on your own. I went out to check the roof as I was convinced that something had fallen off it ! The dog slept through the whole thing as did my friend. When I phoned her this morning she said " What Earthquake" !

clarabelle said...

We actually got woken up by the house shuddering and the bed moving. Some ornaments fell off the windowsill and most of the pictures in the house were askew. It was the most weird feeling!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Congratulations on the no chocolate. You have done well. I felt the earth move which is quite a feat at my time of life and state of health! I thought bits were falling off my roof at first. Lights were swinging and the rocking chair was rocking merrily away on it's own. A bit spooky but the best bit of excitement I have had in quite a while.