Saturday, 16 February 2008

An Award!!!

Thank you Lizet!

Lizet has awarded me 'You make my Day' Award. This is my first award and it makes me feel really part of blogland!

So now I need to nominate 10 blogs that make my day, so here goes.

First there is Enthuastic crochetoholic, her life isn't easy at times but but she won't let the b£$%&*" grind her down and those crochet hooks are red hot!

Then there is Ruth with her beautiful daughter, an Aussie quilter & knitter in South Africa.

I love Clarabelle, she can be so wicked sometimes and she produces the most lovely knits, unlike me she actually finishes things!

Next there is Knitting with my shoes off who is having a difficult time at present, I hope this award helps a little to cheer her up, keep warm my love as looking at your photos it looks freezing where you are.

Ambermoggie has the most beautiful yarn on her blog and knits lovely socks, I love going over there and seeing what sock she has completed.

Then there is Laughing Mouse who makes some unusual things for her 'Little Smalls'.

Someone else with 'Little Smalls' and a huge talent is Echos of a Dream, I am always interested in her doings.

At present I am following some quilting blogs and Scraps and Threadtales has some beautiful quilts which make my day.
Another quilter that makes my day is Bethany at Quilted with Love, she also has her struggles but crafting keeps her together and I can identify with that.
Last but not least is Joyus at A Joyus Place who is a quilter and a cross stitcher.
Thank you again, Lizet for this award.


clarabelle said...

Well done on your award, Ailsa, and thank you so much for awarding it to me too! (I promise I will try not to be too wicked in future, but you know, sometimes a girl just can't help herself...)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Well done with your award. You deserve it. Thanks for my mention. We carry on regardless don't we? Make the best of what life throws at us. I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs that you have mentioned. I had already read Ambermoggie's blog, she is such a busy lady I am in awe of her sock production. She has her crosses to bear but remains cheerful.
Let us all keep the blog camaradie going and support each other as I think it does help so much to help us through a bad day when we read a nice blog or comment.

Ruth's Place said...

Thank you for the nomination! Nice to find your blog :)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I just had to show you this blog as I know you are into paper crafts. She has some lovely ideas I love the bookmark,

ambermoggie said...

thank you for nominating me. I love your blog it always inspires me:)