Friday, 25 January 2008

Knitting on a hike

Well! the Scouts night hike appears to have gone well. Not all the points have been awarded as it hasn't quite finished yet. Yes, I know it is 23.09 but that is the whole point, that the Scouts are out fairly late. They have finished the hike part, they back at base taking part in the last base as we speak. How it works is that the Scouts set off in teams 15 mins apart and walk a round route from and to the school we meet in. Along the way they take part in activities and they are scored. The winning team win a trophy.

I managed to complete the heel flap on SofM's sock whilst I was sat at school waiting to set up my base (my base was a first aid one as you can immagine, I end up doing lots of first aid for Scouts), I also turned the heel but it wasn't quite right so I frogged it and started again.

I went for my yearly check up with the rheumatology team at our local hospital this morning. It was the usual 'are you coping','yes, I am' 'right, good see you in a year'. The Doc did suggest that if I continue to have flare ups with my hands I could try adding in another drug which is useful to know. I would be prepared to do this if I have one as bad as in the summer. I cope with the pain I get in my back, neck, hip and feet but if I get pain in my hands it really gets me down. As humans we use our hands constantly and when it hurts just to write your name, it's a complete pain.

Both yesterday and today I've been card making, I am still desperately trying to make enough to fill the card rack at work. I am selling them faster than I can make them which is really good for the residents fund. I'll try and post some of them tomorrow. I am hoping to make a few more tomorrow but I have to do some work for work as well. The Oh! Bearded One and I are also going out for our annual Scout leaders meal tomorrow evening.

This morning I received a book from the needlework book club I belong to. It is 'A Woman's World in Cross Stitch' by Joan Elliott who is an American designer. I particularly like her designs although I am still to actually do one.In this book there are some really lovely little designs that I will use. I love the colours she uses, they are so bright and cheerful.

Right, that's it until tomorrow!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I feel for you in your pain. I suffer from crippling back pain on some days and tolerable (well to me it is because I am used to being in constant pain) on the others. I cope with this as I have done for many years but last week the pain was in my hands and wrists and as I love my knit and crochet that really got me down. I would hate for anything to stop me doing my crafts. It's my pleasure as well as my hobby. I am going to browse in the wrist support section and see if I can find a better support - possibly neoprene for warmth also.