Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I've haven't got lost!

I haven't posted for a good few days as I wanted to post photos but needed daylight and recharged camera batteries. Today I've had both.

This week I am on an unexpected week off. It's a long story. One of my nurses' husband has to have major heart surgery at the end of the month and she will need to be able to come and go and take time off during Febuary which is when I was orginally planning to use my last week's holiday for 2007/08. Myself and another nurse looked at the off duty at the back end of last week and decided we had better take our holiday this month as it was going to be too difficult to fit it in later as we need to be around to cover M whilst she is needing to come and go, (we need to take this holiday before the end of March, our new allocation starts on 1st April) so here I am, at home mooching about.

Now to talk about interesting things!!

Look at what I bought in John Lewis's sale last week!!

This yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker 100% wool, £1.60 per ball instead of £3.20
I am knitting the pattern seen above in it.

This yarn was also bought in John Lewis's sale and is the same as above.
I thought I would knit stripey mittens or gloves with it.
Today you are going to get several posts for the price of one so keep watching.

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