Thursday, 24 January 2008

Plotting & scheming

I'm being quiet at the moment as I am plotting, scheming and trying things out. When I am ready to share you'll be the first to know!!

So I am sharing a flower. I will be very glad when it's spring, I am so sick of dull and wet, although it's been a nice bright day today.

I hope it is a nice day tomorrow as we have a Scout night hike. The ground will be very wet anyway because of the recent rain and if it rains tomorrow we will have some very muddy scouts and some very unhappy Mums who have to wash soggy, wet, muddy gear. I know what it is like as I have done my fair share of washing horrible kit when SofM was in Scouts. He is also so helping tomorrow which is great!

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Cellostitcher said...

Very intriguing! Jan, Fi and Em all sitting round the computer now wanting to know what you are plotting and scheming.