Thursday, 10 January 2008

Books, books,

When I went to Lady Heyes Craft centre on Sunday I couldn't resist going into the second hand book shop. When I go here with DD she won't let me go in the book shop as she feels the dust gets on her chest so as she wasn't with me I just had to go in. And I dropped lucky, I've managed to get 4 craft books.

I've had a fancy for a very long time to have a go at patchwork and quilting so I bought this book to start doing some research. This book was published in 1980 so it looks dated but I'm sure the techniques haven't changed that drastically. It only covers patchwork though so I am on the look out for second hand quilting books. I will also keep my eye out in the charity shops in Northwich. I could just be lucky as Northwich is the charity shop capital of the world.

This book was published in 2005 and is still on the bookshelves in new book shops. The yarns used in this book are all Rowan yarns so they are relatively easily available in this area.

DD has taken quite a fancy to have a go at the lovely knitted teddy bear in it. It might just be the project to get her enthusiastic about knitting.

This book was a great find as there are several projects in it that are suitable for Beavers. I am always on the lookout for suitable craft activites for Beavers. They are of the age where they enjoy making things and we are also helping to advance their fine motor skills, ability to concentrate and sense of achievement.

I've dabbled with making earrings for some years and have even managed to sell a few pairs but I would like to extend my skills a bit.


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I love books also. I have to be forcibly dragged out of book, second hand or charity shops as I love to browse. My choices are not as varied as yours I usually stick with knit and crochet books. I used to sew a long time ago but have never ventured into quilt making. My friend Vicky has some lovely photos of her quilts on her blog. She is a talented girl. She dyes some of her own yarn with Kool Aid and has been to workshops. You will have to post photos of your handiwork when you make something from one of your new books.

Lindsay said...

I know exactly what you mean about Northwich!!!
And I know your face from somewhere but I can't for the life of me think where from!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Have you seen this lady's jewelry on Flikr?
I have never tried crochet jewelry but some of hers looks so lovely