Friday, 25 January 2008

Knitting on a hike

Well! the Scouts night hike appears to have gone well. Not all the points have been awarded as it hasn't quite finished yet. Yes, I know it is 23.09 but that is the whole point, that the Scouts are out fairly late. They have finished the hike part, they back at base taking part in the last base as we speak. How it works is that the Scouts set off in teams 15 mins apart and walk a round route from and to the school we meet in. Along the way they take part in activities and they are scored. The winning team win a trophy.

I managed to complete the heel flap on SofM's sock whilst I was sat at school waiting to set up my base (my base was a first aid one as you can immagine, I end up doing lots of first aid for Scouts), I also turned the heel but it wasn't quite right so I frogged it and started again.

I went for my yearly check up with the rheumatology team at our local hospital this morning. It was the usual 'are you coping','yes, I am' 'right, good see you in a year'. The Doc did suggest that if I continue to have flare ups with my hands I could try adding in another drug which is useful to know. I would be prepared to do this if I have one as bad as in the summer. I cope with the pain I get in my back, neck, hip and feet but if I get pain in my hands it really gets me down. As humans we use our hands constantly and when it hurts just to write your name, it's a complete pain.

Both yesterday and today I've been card making, I am still desperately trying to make enough to fill the card rack at work. I am selling them faster than I can make them which is really good for the residents fund. I'll try and post some of them tomorrow. I am hoping to make a few more tomorrow but I have to do some work for work as well. The Oh! Bearded One and I are also going out for our annual Scout leaders meal tomorrow evening.

This morning I received a book from the needlework book club I belong to. It is 'A Woman's World in Cross Stitch' by Joan Elliott who is an American designer. I particularly like her designs although I am still to actually do one.In this book there are some really lovely little designs that I will use. I love the colours she uses, they are so bright and cheerful.

Right, that's it until tomorrow!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Plotting & scheming

I'm being quiet at the moment as I am plotting, scheming and trying things out. When I am ready to share you'll be the first to know!!

So I am sharing a flower. I will be very glad when it's spring, I am so sick of dull and wet, although it's been a nice bright day today.

I hope it is a nice day tomorrow as we have a Scout night hike. The ground will be very wet anyway because of the recent rain and if it rains tomorrow we will have some very muddy scouts and some very unhappy Mums who have to wash soggy, wet, muddy gear. I know what it is like as I have done my fair share of washing horrible kit when SofM was in Scouts. He is also so helping tomorrow which is great!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

No internet!!

Sorry I've been off line this week. Stupid computers!!!! or rather stupid 'Orange' our internet provider. They changed the DNS server (whatever one of those is?) and didn't tell us so we've been off line all week.

This week I've been working and knitting. The post would be far more interesting with photos so keep tuned!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Books, books,

When I went to Lady Heyes Craft centre on Sunday I couldn't resist going into the second hand book shop. When I go here with DD she won't let me go in the book shop as she feels the dust gets on her chest so as she wasn't with me I just had to go in. And I dropped lucky, I've managed to get 4 craft books.

I've had a fancy for a very long time to have a go at patchwork and quilting so I bought this book to start doing some research. This book was published in 1980 so it looks dated but I'm sure the techniques haven't changed that drastically. It only covers patchwork though so I am on the look out for second hand quilting books. I will also keep my eye out in the charity shops in Northwich. I could just be lucky as Northwich is the charity shop capital of the world.

This book was published in 2005 and is still on the bookshelves in new book shops. The yarns used in this book are all Rowan yarns so they are relatively easily available in this area.

DD has taken quite a fancy to have a go at the lovely knitted teddy bear in it. It might just be the project to get her enthusiastic about knitting.

This book was a great find as there are several projects in it that are suitable for Beavers. I am always on the lookout for suitable craft activites for Beavers. They are of the age where they enjoy making things and we are also helping to advance their fine motor skills, ability to concentrate and sense of achievement.

I've dabbled with making earrings for some years and have even managed to sell a few pairs but I would like to extend my skills a bit.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Study!!!

If you have been following my blog since conception back in August last year you will be aware that I spent part of my summer holiday tidying up the study. Well!! I've had to do it again. It hasn't been anywhere near as bad but it got in a mess from Christmas card making etc.

This photo shows the computer end of the room which I consider the Oh! Bearded One's end. All the paper work you can see is his scouting stuff. He wasa supposed to have tidied this up when I did the rest of the room in the summer but it doesn't look much different!

This bit has been tidied up. On Monday you couldn't get to the chest of drawers for various bags of 'stuff' on the floor which I have now got rid of.
this space isn't really big enough for the both of us which is why I have my eye on Sof M's bedroom once he has left home for university later in the year. Then I can spread out more and the Oh! Bearded One can have all his papers in one place. As I type he is in the loft looking for some papers he wants but he can't find them.

This side of the room holds my work desk, shelving that we both share. The bottom shelf is exclusively mine for crafting bits.
This photo also shows my old Bernia sewing machine which I continue to use. My Mum bought for me for my 18th birthday nearly 30 years ago. The machine works quite well except the shuttle filling mechanism finally broke yesterday. I heard something go clunk. I am going to put it in for a service very soon and get this bit repaired.

Socks B£$%&* socks!

As you know I seem to have a love, hate relationship with knitting socks.

This sock is the sock I took to the family 'do' in Wiltshire between Christmas & New Year.

It has been ripped once as it wasn't wide enough for Sof M's ankle and now I am debating how long the cuff should be. I need to pin Sof M down

to be able to work this out.

I love the yarn which is Regia Design line, I bought this in John Lewis.

I love the way the stipes are knitting up and it knits beautifully and the stitches are very even. I just hope Sof M likes them when they are finished.

These socks have been the bane of my life but they will not defeat me as I like the yarn too much. I am knitting these for me, to wear with my hiking boots when I going walking.

The right one has been knitted up at least 3 times now and the foot is still not long enough. The left one is OK so far but I am not holding my breath.

This yarn is Cygnet 4ply 75% wool, 25% polyamide, again bought from John Lewis.

I thought I might try top up patterned socks with it, one pair for DD and one pair for myself.

I have finally finished this post. I've had awful problems with it, I have had to do it 3 times, I kept deleting the photos. I don't like the way Blogger loads them, I can never put them where I want them and have to think about the order I upload them so they are in sequence.

I've haven't got lost!

I haven't posted for a good few days as I wanted to post photos but needed daylight and recharged camera batteries. Today I've had both.

This week I am on an unexpected week off. It's a long story. One of my nurses' husband has to have major heart surgery at the end of the month and she will need to be able to come and go and take time off during Febuary which is when I was orginally planning to use my last week's holiday for 2007/08. Myself and another nurse looked at the off duty at the back end of last week and decided we had better take our holiday this month as it was going to be too difficult to fit it in later as we need to be around to cover M whilst she is needing to come and go, (we need to take this holiday before the end of March, our new allocation starts on 1st April) so here I am, at home mooching about.

Now to talk about interesting things!!

Look at what I bought in John Lewis's sale last week!!

This yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker 100% wool, £1.60 per ball instead of £3.20
I am knitting the pattern seen above in it.

This yarn was also bought in John Lewis's sale and is the same as above.
I thought I would knit stripey mittens or gloves with it.
Today you are going to get several posts for the price of one so keep watching.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

My New Year


I hope you all meet any goals you have set yourselves in 2008. My thoughts on goal setting are small changes at any one time and don't be hard on yourself. If you fall off the waggon get back on and try again.

What are your goals for 2008? I have posted my fibrey goals on a previous post but my other goals are

  • To try not to be so insular. My depression can make me reluctant to join in group activites such as the family do I describe below. It isn't uncommon for me to back out of things last minute because anxiety kicks in and I let it get the better of me.
  • To eat more healthly, not to diet as I don't particularly need to but my generaly well being would be better if i don't eat so much rubbish.
  • To go walking with the Oh! Bearded One every time he offers to take me. My depression and menopause symptoms (as well as being hard on me) have been hard on him. Again there have been times when I should do things with him and I have backed out.
  • To do some decorating in the house if my hands can stand it.
  • To spend more time with my Mum & Dad.
How did you spend your New Year? I spent mine with Cellostitcher and her family. DD, Gromit, Oh! Bearded One and myself went to her house for supper and daft family games. We left about 1am as I had to work this morning. I also managed to work on a sock.

It was the same sock I took to Wiltshire on Sunday but I found that I had to restart it as it wasn't wide enough for SofM's foot. I still think he has the foot of a 10 year old instead of nearly 18! Stupid Mother!

We had a lovely time in Cricklade. It was so nice to see all the family that we haven't seen for ages. The family is all the Oh! Bearded One's. The only family I have is my parents. I loved marrying into his family because there was a lot more of them and it meant family dos such as this one.

Good luck with your New Year goals, I know I need it with mine!