Tuesday, 30 December 2008


In this post I'm going to be all slushy about my dog ......and about blogging.

We've had a lovely Christmas with Meg, don't worry she isn't in prison, she is just being given time to dry her paws off after being outside. She tolerated the tinsel around her collar all day and she looked so cute!
Here she is, with one of her Christmas presents. This rawhide candy cane is now half the size!!! She had lots of other christmas pressies too. As it was her first Christmas with us, in fact her first Christmas, she was spoilted rotten.

Isn't she just so cute?!!!!
I have now been blogging for about 18 months and I absolutely love, I never get tired of reading other people's blogs. Because I have diverse interests I read a diverse range of blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how talented folks are and how generous they are, both with the swaps and gifts but with information sharing - quilting and knitting ideas, techniques, recipes, photos and general loveliness. Please, please keep it up girls!!! As soon as I can I am going to update my sidebar with the blogs I read (I am assignment writing at present-taking a break for lunch!), please have a look at them.

Monday, 29 December 2008


These are the two other parcels that went into the post.

This parcel was my giveaway in the Fall into Fall giveaway. I was very late sending it but I know it has got to where it should, to Jan's Jabber.

This parcel went winging its way to An-Magritt in Norway. I hope she has received it, I haven't had word one way or the other.

This post is one of several I am going to post about Christmas so I suggest you either grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger) or go and do something more interesting like clean the fridge out.

I can now show my SCSS present that went to Pieceful Chaos.

This photo shows the parcel before it was sent. I included a pack of beads, a Christmas ornament and of course, some chocolate!

I didn't put anything on the back of this so the new owner could either use it as a table centre or put something to hang it on themselves.

A closer look!
Thank you so much to Chookyblue for organsing this swap, it was so much fun. I would love to do it again next year.
I still have to finish photographing the parcel I received. I'll post about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

May you all have a safe, peaceful Christmas!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas preparations

These 2 photos are of recent Christmas's past.

This was the first year I put the tree under the stairs for a number of years and I kept banging my head on the wooden bit of the stairs so the Oh! Bearded One! gave me his hard hat to protect my head.

As a family we now have a tradition that we go out for a family meal on the Sunday before Christmas. This started a few years ago when I had to work Christmas day and didn't have time to cook Christmas dinner. We've carried it on, even though for the last 2 years and this year too, I haven't worked.
The photo above is at a previous meal. My camera has completely died so I wasn't able to take photos yeaterday. I am hoping Father Christmas will bring me a new one!

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations? My food shopping is done, the presents are wrapped but the assignment isn't written - that's tomorrow's job! At least to get it started. The Oh! Bearded One is going to push the hoover around and wash the kitchen floor for me at some point and I'll feed the washing machine tomorrow but there'll be no ironing done this side of Christmas.
Talking of the Oh! Bearded One - he has had serious problems with his shoulder and neck this year. It turns out he has collasped discs in his neck so on the 28th of January he'll be having surgery to have disc replacement, this is quite a new proceedure so I hope he is going to be OK. I know he is worried.
There hasn't been much crafting going on either but I've been reading blogs and I am planning some projects for the New Year. In January there is a quilt fabric sale fairly locally so I want to plan a couple of quilts for next year and buy the fabric for them. I have managed to finish a knitted hat (no photo) and it has been put in the post to my Sister-in-Law for Christmas and I've nearly finished another one for my best friend in Sheffield. I want to knit on for her eldest daughter, my God-Daughter as well but I've been slowed up by my sore hands and wrists. They are better, I suspect because I've not been knitting.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A little bit of busyness

A little bit of busyness has been going on here!

DD'd 21st birthday on Thursday with a little party at home! We had a lovely time.
Work, Christmas shopping, tidying up as upstairs looked like a bomb had hit it, research for assignment writing, dog walking and knitting hats for Christmas presents.
Everything is that bit slower at present because I've got tendonitis. Last weekend it was my right wrist but since having to stir 9 sachets of medicine at work last night it is now both wrists!!! It is so frustrating!!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Thank Goodness!!!!

The parcels are in the post!!!! I'm so glad to have done that!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I have received 5 parcels in the post this week - 2 surprises and 3 I've ordered for Christmas presents.

I've received my SSCS from Carole yesterday, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm not opening it until Christmas!! A lovely surprise!

I also received a little parcel from Stash - 2 balls of Rowan 4ply that I had forgotten I had ordered.

2 of the other parcels were from Amazon for DD, not saying any more! The other parcel is fabric to make my Mum a knitting bag, although she will probably will be just get the fabric wrapped up as I think I will run out of time this side of Christmas. I've still got a 2000 word essay to write which isn't started yet!

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I've completed my SCSS project, it, my Fall into fall swap and my Christmas knitting swap are all parcelled up, ready to post and I've 'lost' 2 of the addresses (what I really mean, I've deleted off my e-mail system). Does anyone else do daft things like this or is it just me?

I will post photos in due course but obviously I can't yet as 2 of these parcels are meant as Christmas presents.

Friday, 21 November 2008


My SCSS project is coming on well and I am hoping to get it in the post by the deadline of the 25th. If it doen't go on the 25th, it certainly will on the 26th. I am doing some hand stitching on it and I can only work for so long before my hands start to hurt so that may hold me up a little as well as having to work Sun & Mon.

I've had to frog this cardigan as it is going to be far too big even though my tension was spot on. It is waiting to be recast on.

Well! Meg is settling nicely! I've spent some time training, walking and giving her affection and it is now paying off. We've had her spayed this week so we can't go long walkies at present so I'm not taking her anywhere I would normally let her off the lead. She is coping very well. She is great fun and I am so glad to have her. Even Molly is just about used to her!

Friday, 14 November 2008


Here's a few things I'm knitting at present.

This is my first top down baby cardigan from a free pattern off the internet, unsure where at present. The yarn is Twilleys sincere cotton

This yummy yarn is Rowan Cashcotton 4ply. I bought it in a sale when I was in Edinburgh, I got it for half price. The colour is a soft moss green and it is to go with a pair of trousers I bought, also in Edinburgh. The pattern is a very simple cardigan in stocking stitch. I can knit acres of stocking stitch and not get bored!

This yarn is King Cole Mirage DK which is 50% Acrylic and 50% wool, its a bit splity and fuzzy but it is knitting up nicely. The pattern is a v-neck cardi with a fixed waist belt. You knit the waist belt first and then pick up stitches for the rib at the bottom and the pick up stitches for the back and 2 fronts. It should be knitted in Twilleys Freedom but I wanted this colour.

The pattern is from this magazine!


Here is a bit of a preview of my SSCS - that's all you're getting at the moment!

I will be sending all my swap parcels together so if you think you haven't got anything from me and you are expecting something, don't worry its not gone it the post yet!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Here is Molly, the ruler of the roost, although she is only just getting the confidence to smack Meg on the nose, Meg is getting the drift of who's boss!

Here is Meg! - on a walk this morning, around a nature reserve that used to be salt mining land on the edge of Northwich. We are so lucky to have this land to roam on so close to the town centre.

This is Meg's favorite place - next to who ever is on the sofa - usually me!

She loves rolling on her back and she sleeps a lot on her back!

The Oh! Bearded One has come round to her even though she keeps weeing on our bedroom floor - not sure why! and she has chewed through the arm on a wicker chair in the conservatory. He tends to take out for a walk when he gets home from work which is just great and a big help for me.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Missing in Action!

I'm here really!

I've had a week's annual leave from work, I go back tomorrow.

I went to Edinburgh to see SofM - of course he's absolutely fine and we had a lovely couple of days.

I then had a couple of quiet days, knitting, working on my SCSS project and dreaming about quilting - then.....................

I got a dog, I hadn't been planning to get a dog at this moment in my life - she's an 8 month old white & red Staffie! I went into work on Friday morning and this dog got into the home. I was the one that sorted it out and found out who the owner was. We thought at first she was a stray as she is a bit thin and very dirty. It turned out the the owner was a local farmer (my Nursing Home is on a residential site for over 55's, in the middle of a rural area). When he turned up for her he asked me whether I wanted her. I asked 'why', he said that they had got her to keep one of their Jack Russells company whilst she was in season which I didn't really understand but it wasn't working out as she kept going to find humans and running off the farm. Whilst I had been waiting I had been weighing up whether I wanted her or not. I've actually been wanting another dog for a number of years now but the Oh! Bearded One has been reluctant.

Poor Oh! Bearded One, he is the most kindest, patient man. I've done this to him before, he was working away from home and I took into my head to go to the RSPCA and get a dog. I had told him before hand but he turned up on a Friday evening when I was at work and let himself. Jess (a Labrador/Lurcher cross) wasn't too happy but they became the best of friends and he was very upset when she died. We had her 14 years, I think this is why he is reluctant to have another dog, because of the attachment and then letting go.

I rang him at work to tell him, he wasn't happy obviously, I asked him to wait to make a judgement until he had seen her and bless him he likes her and hopefully they will go for lots of walks together but not until she has had some obedience training. Molly (cat) isn't very happy and I'm not sure what to do to help the situation at present, I don't want to make a difficult situation worse.

We've named her Meg.

So very little knitting done this weekend!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Try again next year

I had a birthday yesterday which turned into a bit of a non event. I worked in the morning, went to bed in the afternoon as I am sooooo tired at the moment and the meal we should have eaten in a localish pub was cancelled as they had a power cut - never mind, there's next year!

I had some lovely birthday presents though! A portable DVD player with carrying case which I really wanted, I want to be able to use it when I'm card making and quilting as the 2 areas I use for these activities don't have TVs in them. I also was given a necklace with earrings set, a Dove toiletries set, flowers and some other bits.

On Sunday I'm off to north of the border, to Edinburgh to see SofM.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

And the winner is.......

The winner of my Fall into fall giveaway is...............................

Janice at Jan's Jabber.

I'll e-mail you, Janice so you can let me have your snail mail address.

I'l also photograph what I'm sending.

Friday, 17 October 2008


This is just a quick post on the work computer as we've lost internet conection at home.
Sorry, I've not posted the Fall into Fall winner, I will do as soon as I can.

Monday, 13 October 2008


I haven't run away but I haven't posted because I want to show some photos but I have to through the rigmarole of downloading them at work before I show them on my computer at home. I meant to take the camera with me today but forgot so I'll try again tomorrow.

Wow! I currently have 96 comments for my Fall into Fall giveaway. I do hope some of these visitors will continue to visit once the giveaway is over!

I'm still kintting, I'm still on the wasitband of the cardi I'm doing from the lastest Women's Weekly knitting mag. It's 418 rows long and I'm on the last 100 now! Don't feel too sorry for me, there are only 21 stitches on the needle.

No quilting, plenty of draming about quilting but some card making this weekend.

Monday, 6 October 2008

A nice weekend!

Well! I got to Wales but I didn't go until Saturday due to a cold. But there was an up side to this - I got to go shopping! Even better, with no husband in tow asking me whether I really need what I'm buying.

Guess what I went shopping for?

The Fall into fall giveaway prize! 4 FQ's in Clothwork's 'Sew Much Love' range plus some handbag charms. These were purchased at my nearest LQS 'Sew Simple' at Lady Heyes Craft Centre ( see post of 1st October). I also bought a couple of Christmas Stocking fillers for DD but I'm not telling in case she looks at this blog.

I then drove on into North Wales and went to Aberkhan Fabrics (see post of 30th May). Again I did well on the quilting fabrics. I bought over 17 meters of fabric, mainly Timeless Treasures and Red Rooster. In the U.K we pay on average £10 per meter so I would have paid £170 for what I bought if I paid full price. As well as the fabric I bought a batick jelly roll, I am soooo looking forward to using this. I also bought some King Cole Mirage DK to knit a cardigan from the new Womans' Weekly knitting & crochet mag.

I have got enough fabric, yarn and card making stuff to last until the next millenium. I just need some time!!

The rain on Saturday night was awful!!! Yesterday I drove up the Conwy valley and it was flooded. I'll post about the mill I found up there another time.

Friday, 3 October 2008


I am sooooo excited about this giveaway.

I am still at home, we've not gone to Wales yet as the Oh! Bearded One has been trying to do something for work that needs to be ready for Monday morning (he hasn't been successful). I have a cold that is making me feeling grot and I am being lazy.

So, I opened my e-mail and saw the amount of respsonse I have had so far about my giveaway and it only went on last night!

Ohhhhhhhh! so exciting to see comments from new visitors to the blog!

See you Monday!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Swaps and giveaways

I am participating in 2 swaps and a giveaway.

Now being stupid and not really reading the instructions properly I haven't got pictures up of my giveaway yet. I am taking part in Fall into fall giveaway hosted by Debi. This lady must think I'm completely barmy, nevermind, she's right!

Now, the giveaway - there are 40 other people taking part in this. You need to click on each of our links (the picture on my sidebar will take you to the other participants), leave a comment about what you like about Autumn (fall) on our blogs and your names will be entered into a draw held by each of us. The winning names will be announced by each of us on October 15th. I will be giving away some fat quarters from Clothworks 'Sew Much Love' range, some handmade cards and some other goodies including chocolate of course . There are some really lovely giveaway prizes so have a go. For my giveaway you need to have a blog.

As you can see from my sidebar I am taking part in Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap and a knitting swap. I am really excited about these.

I'll be under radar over the weekend as I am away with the Oh! Bearded One in North Wales. We go tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Things in waiting

This post is photo heavy as I haven't posted photos for a while. The photos are of things I've started but not finished

This quilt top is waiting to be quilted but I won't start it until I've finished the other 2 on the go.

These socks have been frogged and knitted more times than I've had hot dinners. At the moment they are not far off where they were in this photo - one complete and the other ready to knit the heel flap.

This quilt top is one of the 2 that is being hand quilted. This quilt is supposed to be for a collegue at work who has had so much ill fortune you wouldn't believe it if I told you. The only trouble is that it has taken me so long to get on with it, she is going through a settled period. I have decided just to carry on with it because I'll probably need to give it to her at some point.

This yarn is Sirdar Just Soya and it was going to be a summer short sleeved cardi but I decided I wouldn't wear it so it has been frogged and the yarn is waiting to be reknitted.

I frogged this because I really can't stand knitting moss stitch. The yarn is a Rowan yarn but I can't just think which one. It'll get knitted up into something I'm sure.

This is Noro Silk Garden which a love dispite the hedgerow being spun into it. This garment has been frogged though because it was going to work out too small but I'm going to try it again.

I am very cross with myself because I've lost this pattern. It's somewhere in the house but I just don't know where. It will be some other pattern I can't find either. Once I've finished SofM's jumper I want to get this started so I'm going to have to pray to St. Anthony to help me find it!
I am very pleased to report that DD is feeling much better. I think the talk we had and the good cry she had has helped but If she feels that low again she will be going to the Doctor's. Thank you for the concern and kind comments.
She and I have been out this afternoon for a couple of hours and she seemed her normal cheerful self. We had a lovely lunch of homemade chunky veggie soup and bread, it was lovely. We were at Lady Heyes Craft centre. We went to have a look at Crab Apple crafts for card making stuff. The owner of this shop appears on crafting shows on QVC, I am afraid I never watch QVC so I've not seen her.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


that's what I am - disappearing in things to do - work, studying for a course, Scouts and of course knitting!!

I'm 2 weeks into the course - more work than I thought we would have to do but that's always the case isn't it.

In the knitting department I start things and then frog them because I'm not happy for one reason or another. I am continuing well with SofM's jumper - no trouble with that so far! I've completed something for DD for Christmas and I'm well on the way with a hat for the Oh! Bearded One.

I'm worrying about DD, it looks as if she is sliping into depression. To be honest I've been waiting for it. My Grandfather suffered with it, my Mum suffers with it, I do and I've always thought she had the potential to, so it's off the the Doctor with her next week!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Purple patch project

If you've been following my blog for a while you will know I am a Deputy Manager of a care home. We look after many clients with Alzheimer's Disease and other types of Dementia so I whole heartedly support any project that is going to highlight these devastating diseases.

Dementia not only effects the person suffering from it but those their loved ones as well. If you know someone that suffers with Dementia click on my purple patch and get your own patch and help highlight this devastating disease.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I'm still knitting!

This last week I've tidied up my stash and got rid of a small amount of yarn to a charity shop, I was given it it in the first place.

I have worked out that I have 8 WIP's:

A wool mix sweater for SofM
A cotton cardi for me
A beret for me
2 pairs of fingerless mitts, one for me and one for DD (for Xmas that she doesn't know about)
A wool mix waistcoat for me
A crochet shawl ? for whom

and that's not counting the 3 quilting projects I've on the go.

I'm sure I've posted about other projects over the last few months that I've not finished, I'll have a look back and let you know where I'm up to with what!

I've been on Raverly today and have been plotting and scheming - there are loads of projects I want to knit, I've also bought Fons & Porter's 'Love of quilting' and there are some lovely projects in there I want to do. Oh! to have more time!!!

SofM is fine in Edinburgh-term starts properly today.

I've had a new stair carpet laid today which I'm very pleased with. Tomorrow I start my course at Chester Uni, once this is over after Christmas I want to do some decorating. I've not done any this year because I've had so much trouble with pain in my hands.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I've stopped crying

This afternoon I got to the stage I can be asked how SofM is doing at Uni without bursting into tears.

He rang DD before I got in from work and I rang him back and didn't cry which is great!!! I don't want to be a blubbering wreak after each time I've spoken to him.

He's settling well. Food is still a bit difficult until term starts properly next money but he beginning to make friends (he has always made friends easily). He has signed up today for the modules he will be taking and tomorrow he signs up for the sports activities he wants to take (hockey and mountaineering)(mountaineering after Dad, although Dad didn't think he would be interested, just better late than never).

As for the knitting & quilting........

SofM's quilt - a bit more done but nowhere near finished, maybe for Christmas.
Freedom sincere baby jacket - back done and onto 1st sleeve
SSCS - planned, materials bought but not started.
I've started a jumper for SofM (it's cold in Edinburgh in the winter) from a pattern in 'People's Friend' 2 weeks ago - the back is 3/4 quarters done.
I've also started the Sirdar 'Tweedie' waistcoat I want to do for myself - 4 inches of the back done.
We won't talk about the other lap quilt I'm hand quilting although I've done a bit more on that too!
I've also got other things on the go and in the planning stage.

Please God could I have 2 more pairs of arms and another 24 hours a day?

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Well, he's gone!

SofM is now safely ensconsed at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh........... and I cried all the way down the M8 and A74.........and I could still cry now but I am trying hard not too as I'll end up with a migraine!

All that's left at home, of him, is a load of dust bunnies under the furniture and bits & pieces he didn't want with him.

I know he'll be fine but I am worried he won't eat properly and he won't settle down and work, because he needs to if he wants to pass his degree. I'm sure I'm worrying unnecessarily but that's what us Mothers do, isn't it?

Monday, 1 September 2008

Just being quiet

I am still here but haven't had much to say.

Still knitting - jumper for SofM, cardi for me, baby jacket for a girl at work and a scarf for a Xmas present that's not right so is to be frogged!

I've been 'days off' today and tidied up a bit and done some knitting. Back to work for the next 4 days and then off to Edinburgh to take SofM to Uni.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh Dear!

SofM came back from the Leeds music festival last night and opened his Uni joining papers. He goes on 6th Sept. We first thought he was going on 13th Sept. This means we've less than 2 weeks to prepare. AHHHHHHHHH!

I'm going to go and lie down in a darken room, I can't cope, I hate packing!!!!!

SofM is exciting, he hasn't said much but you can see it in his face. I'm really happy for him. I told tonight I will miss him and his joking, he said he will be back to bring sunshine into my life!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

I've been thinking......

that I've got to cut back

I'm being taken over

by THINGS!!!!!! especially crafting things!!!!!

I think a lot of you out there will be able to empathise with this......

My house is bursting at the seams. Yesterday I started to tidy up my work space - AGAIN!! I have a nasty habit at present..... of buying too many craft magazines (it used to be house and women's mags). Once you've bought them and read them, what then, do you do with them? I tear out the bits that I think I might do......when I've time!!! The bits I tore out yesterday fill a hessian shopping bag which is now residing in the loft because at present I haven't got any more space for files.

Today I have given myself a stern talking to. I must limit what mags I buy as it all takes too much time up sorting them all out. I also am going to think much more carefully about what yarn I buy for knitting. I tend to buy yarn and patterns impulsefully and then decide they aren't going to be suitable or I don't like them. I don't want to go down the road of developing a large quilting stash!

I really can understand why a lot of you have been on stash busting excersises. It is so easy to keep buying but then you haven't got time to use all you have.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A new yarn shop!

No hand quilting today, I couldn't face this evening when I came in from work. I feel really tired today and a bit 'under the weather' so I'm blogging and knitting instead.

This afternoon I had to do an assessment at the private hospital in Cheadle. After I had done that I nipped along to Didsbury and went into Sew In. This shop is a yarn and haberdashery shop with a little bit of needlecraft thrown in. They sell Rowan, a small amount of Noro, Sirdar, Debbie Bliss and Patons. They have a small amount of sock yarn and other odds & sods. The knitting notions were a bit limited, they didn't seem to have all the needle sizes and the only dpns were 2 sizes of Brittanys which looked like they were the popular ones for sock knitting. They may have had more but as I didn't want any I didn't ask. The assistant was friendly, helpful and would have helped if I wanted her to.

Of course I can't go into a new shop and not buy anything. I bought Twilleys Of Stamford Freedom Sincere baby book. Freedom Sincere is 100% cotton, very like Debbie Bliss's and Rowan's but a bit cheaper! I bought 3 balls of the yarn too and I have started a little jacket with a hood for the girl at work who is pregnant (I'll still try and make a little lap quilt for her as well). I also bought a new season Sirdar pattern (9063) in one of their new seasons' yarn - Tweedie Chunky. They haven't their stock of this yarn in yet which I was pleased about as I didn't want to buy it yet. This pattern is a long line waistcoat with a cable pattern up the front.

I will take photos of all things I'm up to as soon as I can so you can see what I've been up to.

Monday, 18 August 2008

An update on the quilt.

This week I am working office hours as my manager is on holiday which means I have more time in the evenings.

Tonight I had another go at machine quilting. i did a practice piece first which was OK then I had a go on SofM's quilt but I wasn't happy with it. The tension wasn't right. I am wondering whether it has anything to the different weights og batting. SofM's is heavier. i need to mess about more but at present I haven't got time. I have decided to hand quilt the bits I have decided upon, add the buttons and then add the binding. If I still think it needs 'holding together' more I'll do some hand tieing.

Because of the messing about on the sewing machine I only managed to stitch one square tonight but there's always tomorrow night!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Still having that panic attack!

Do you remember this? This is SofM's quilt that I am making for him to take to Uni. As you are aware he goes in just under a month's time. This quilt is made from 2 Moda Marbles charm packs and a couple of metres of Moda Marbles. The blocks went together pretty well and the hand quilting is quite easy, just time consuming when you are in a hurry.

I have worked out that it takes me an hour to do the stitching on one of these squares. I have about 34 squares I want to stitch, that's 12 evenings working on 3 squares per evening. Then there is some machine quilting I want to do and sewing 16 buttons in place. Now there is a small possibility that I can do this but what is worrying me is that I haven't worked out how to machine quilt! If I can successfully learn how to quilt in the ditch I've cracked it! Watch this space!!!
I've managed 1 & a half squares tonight and I should manage a bit more. No knitting today!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Panic attack!

I'm having a panic attack about all things I want to do before Christmas, that's why I've put a 'days before Christmas' banner on my blog. It's not to depress you but to spur me on to get some stuff done!

I've been muddling along planning this and that. I've got to rethink everything as I've signed up for a 15 week level 3 mentorship course with the University of Chester. I need to do this course to enable us at work to have student nurses on placement from the University. The course starts in September and will finish after Christmas. I will do most of the course on-line but I've got to do a 2,000 word assignment. This is all my fault as it is me pushing to have student nurses. I think we can give them a good placement as we work to a high standard. Student nurses need to have a really good grounding in basic nursing skills and we can teach that, they also need to have an understanding of the problems older people face with multiple disease processes going on. They need to seem them as whole people and not just a illness to cure. We can do that but I've now made a rod for my own back! Never mind I'll muddle through, I usually do.

I have been plannning to make some things to sell at work on the run up to Christmas as well as making cards. I'm knitting 2 garments for myself. I've signed up for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap, I want to make a small lap quilt for a girl at work who is having a baby at the end of January as well as I need to finish handquilting 2 quilts, one of which is for SofM to take to Uni in 4 weeks time (I wish I hadn't started to hand quilt these but learnt to use my machine to quilt them, it would be quicker). I am not going to get that done for a start as it is still too warm for me to have it on my lap (hot flushes and all that). And we won't mention my Pay it Forward gift(s) but I can work .

I have been given my swap partner for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap but that is all I can tell you. I've had a look at her blog today and I can't tell you how excited I am about this!!!

I've spent today looking at ideas for the Santa Swap and the baby quilt and have come up with some ideas. At the end of the month I am going to go to the Stitch & Creative Crafts show at Manchester Central so I will get everything I need for those. I am just going to have to be super organised - that's a laugh for me but I can try, can't I?

Meanwhile I'm going to lie down in a darken room and quietly have a nervous breakdown. Please don't put the light on when you waken me.

By the way I am still looking for ideas for my blogiversary, please give me some ideas.

Friday, 15 August 2008


I've got on this swap!!! I am really pleased.

When I first asked to join I was too late, Chookyblue had closed the swap because it was so popular but I got an e-mail yesterday asking me if I still wanted to join so I'm in!

I've had a look at Chookyblue's blog at the photos of the gifts that were swapped in last year's swap. There were some beautiful ones. There was an obviously high standard so I am going to have to work hard at it.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Son of Mine!

If you live in the UK you will be aware that the A levels results came out today.

Well! Son of Mine got his this morning. He wants to take chemistry at Heriot Watt Universary in Edinburgh. For the course he wants to do he needed 2 C's and a D. He got 1 C and 2 D's. Whoops!!! We had a sticky time this morning until he was able to confirm with the university as to whether they would accept him with those grades. They will!!!!!

Happy, happy dance!!!!!

SofM has always been very laid back, too laid back and I've always worried that he wouldn't do enough work to succeed. He did work, a little bit too late but he got there in the end, thank goodness.

We have now got a month to prepare as his term starts on 15th Sept, scary, scary! I will miss him lots!

I'm going to have to get that quilt finished!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Tomorrow is my 1st Blogiversary. Now I need help to celebrate it but I don't have any ideas as to how. What do you suggest? I know it is traditional to have a give away which is nice but being a maverick I would like to do something different. All ideas welcome.

Monday, 11 August 2008

New knitting patterns

Have you seen the new edition of Interweave Knits (Fall 08)? My copy came today.

I love Windowpane coat, Tweedy Waistcoat, Fresco Fair Isle Mitts, Braided Pullover and Sidelines Top. I don't whether I'll knit any of them as I've not knitted anything out of the other Interweave Knits yet but I can always dream.

I also bought 'Knit Today'. There are lots in this mag I like - Bobble bag, Fern Lace Cardigan, Timeless Elegance, the cushions and the baby blanket.

'Timeless Elegance' is done in Colinette Parisenne Luxury Kid Mohair and Tao Silk. Now, I have read various knitters blogs where they rave about Colinette yarns but have you seen the cost? Using the prices quoted in the mag it would cost £97. Now I love buying nice yarns but that's a bit much. Fortunately they suggest 2 Paton's yarns as alternatives so I think I'll be going with those.

The other problem with this particular pattern is that they haven't given a measurements chart. I'm going to look on the web site to see if it's on there.

Friday, 8 August 2008

You've just got to look at this!

I find this old blog archive tonight so when you've nothing better to do over the weekend take a look! And Jan, don't blame me if you hurt yourself laughing!!!

photos & knitting

I was going to post some photos from camp but I've got cross with trying to transfer them from a disk to the computer tonight so I'm afraid I'll have to try on another evening. The photos I want to use need to be rotated. I'll show you one of Prague at sunset instead.

The Oh! Bearded One and I have been out for some tea tonight. We were supposed to go to a leaving 'do' for some neighbours who are emigrating to Australia later in the month. I just didn't fancy it as I felt we wouldn't know anyone and would feel rather uncomfortable. The link is really through SofM and their youngest son as they have been friends since infant school. I enjoyed the meal very much so I think we made the right choice.
I am continuing with the knitting I started to take to the Czech Republic. It is the cardigan featured in the current issue of 'Simply Knitting'. It is done in Patons 100% Cotton DK. I love the yarn, it is smooth with a sheen to it. I love the cardigan and I love the way the yarn knits up but I wasn't happy that my usual size was going to work out 2 sizes too big despite my tension was spot on so it had to be frogged. I had just about got up to the armhole shaping when I realised I had done something strange at the edges and I was going to loose stitches when I came to sew it up so it had to be frogged again. I am now passed the armhole shaping and it is going well. The only thing I am unhappy about is that you can see that the yarn hasn't knitted evenly on the bottom half of the back because of it having been frogged and reknitted. I am hoping it will block or wash out.

Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm back!

Well! I'm back!

It's taken me 2 days to recover! I had a great time, an experience I will remember for a long time to come. The weather was good, too hot at times. The boys were great, well behaved and they had a whale of a time. It was a very busy 2 weeks and we managed to see and do a lot, I also walked my little socks off.

This is the camp site. It belongs to the Czech scout group that we stayed with. They camp here every summer for 3-4weeks. This type of camp is traditional in the Czech Republic.

The photo above shows the wooden hut that houses the kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen has a lovely old stove that the Czech leader does all the cooking on. She is an amazing cook and she worked very hard on our behalf. This hut has been extended this summer, previously it just had the kitchen area but they have doubled the size of it to give themselves a good sized dining area.

These are the little tents that we slept in. They sleep 2 on bunks with mattresses which are very comfortable. Our boys liked them but decided over all they prefer our traditional green scout tents where they are together in their patrol groups.
I took my knitting but I'm not talking about that!!!! tonight.
I'll share some other experiences over the next week or so.
By the way Dad is doing great - walking about in the house without crutches. I took him out for the first time today. We went into Northwich so he could go to the library as he is bored to tears.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Czech trip again!

Dad continues to do really well. All being well he will be home tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are off to Scout camp in the Czech Republic so this is my last post for the next 2 weeks.

Right, I'm off for some beauty sleep and an early start so I can pack!

Take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

This & Dad

Do you remember this? I started crocheting this last August. I was going to make into a shawl but then I decided it had got to a good size to be a knee rug for work so that's where it now. It was good to have a finish.

I didn't get to see Dad tonight as I've had to work all day but DD went to see him and he was sat out in a chair. He must be doing alright as they are talking about discharging him on Sunday.

We fly out to the Czech Republic on Saturday afternoon so I'm now going away to make lists of things I need to pack, buy and do tomorrow.

I'll report in tomorrow night and then that will be it for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I visited Dad tonight. He was sitting in bed as if he had never had anything done!! He says he has no pain and no side effects from the anaesthetic. He has been out of bed for an hour this afternoon and the only down side is that he has a tempory numb lower leg from the femoral block he had whish meant he wasn't able to take any weight through that leg today. Hopefully it should resolve soon.

Mum and I are thankful because there was a risk because of all his other health issues.

Thank you for all your kind wishes!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Well, he's in! I took my Dad to hospital this evening so he's got a bed, so far so good. He is first on the list tomorrow morning. We are all a bit worried as he is a diabetic, has heart disease and an aortic aneurysm (which we have only just found out about). We will find out at lunch time how he is. (Sorry, Jan, he won the bet, hopefully it will be your turn soon, the sooner the better)

The BBQ at work, on Saturday, went quite well. It stayed dry but it was cold so not many residents sat out. We were able to have the actual BBQ outside along with the entertainer and the side stalls. It looks like we raised about £500 for the resident's fund.

On the knitting front I have completed my first dishcloth (photos to follow when I've completed some other stuff, probably when I get back from Scout camp in a couple of weeks time, all assuming Dad is OK and I can go). I have prepared some hand sewing to take and I've got some fingerless gloves to knit. All are small projects that are easily portable.

Monday, 7 July 2008

An update

I am still around. Busy as usual - work etc.

I am crafting too, some knitting, some crochet and some sewing on the machine but I want to finish some things before I post about them.

Today I've been sorting books and bits & bobs for our annual works' BBQ on Saturday. We usually have some side stalls for funding raising and that's what these things are for. (I hope the weather is kind to us, last year it rained and we had to have it inside and it just wasn't the same).

I've had all sorts ideas for making things to sell but I haven't enough time for the BBQ so I'll have a go at some of them in time for Christmas.

It looks like Dad is definitely going to have his hip replacement operation next Tuesday. He was going to be admitted to hospital on the Monday but he had a letter today to tell him to be there starved, for 8am Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My day out!

Well! we got to Arley Garden Festival and at the time the Oh! Bearded One said we would which is just amazing as he will be late for his own funeral and he was on a Scouting activity in the morning and they always overrun. Also I had to go into work to input data over the Internet on the computer. We only have 1 computer linked to the Internet which our Administor is always on in the week so if I have to use it, it is always in the evenings or at the weekends. Of course this imputing had a deadline to it so bang went my weekend! I lost my sewing day on Sunday but I'm hopeful I will make up for it tomorrow/Thursday.

Here is Arley Hall, home of the Warburton family

and here is the very friendly house cat. It is sat on the parapet of a bridge going over a stream. If you look at the other picture you can see the bridge. The cat sat there for ages letting people pet it.
The Garden Festival was good but I don't think there was as much there as 2 years ago when we went last, the weather was definitely better, hot & sunny. Saturday was warm but cloudy and windy. The Oh! Bearded One got some plants. I was hoping to buy a couple of ready made hanging baskets (we got 2 beauties last time) but there weren't any but I did buy some earrings and a brooch to wear with a couple of edge to edge cardis.
I have been crocheting, I am just finishing the border on the 2nd baby blanket. I would like to do some hand quilting but it has been too hot today.
I've done lots of washing and some ironing today and this evening I went into work again to finish this data imputing (I was in last night until 1am as well) You wouldn't think I was a nurse would you?
On my way home from work tonight I saw something I've never, ever seen in my life - a completely empty motorway. There must have been an accident on the M6 below Sandbach I suspect as I met a lot of traffic coming up from Middlewich and going up the A566 to meet the M6 above Knutsford. The accident must have affected both carriageways to shut the motorway in both directions.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Crochet hooks

I placed an order with Web of Wool the other day and today I recieved it - some Clover crochet hooks in various sizes and some cotton to have a go at knitting a dishcloth as I think they look rather fun. I also recieved something else but I am not revealing that at present.

I really love these crochet hooks, because of the larger handle they are so much easier to use for my poor old hands. and as I am really into crochet at present they will be an investment. I want to make a nice little case for them at some point. You can buy a case with 8 of these hooks in but it costs a lot more than buying the hooks on their own and I felt it just wasn't worth it when I could make one so easily.

Thank you for your kind comments about my post yesterday, I am still planning on a sewing day on Sunday especially as the Oh! Bearded One is involved in a raft race with Scouts. I can't wait!!

I will draw the name for the freebie book on Sunday as well so there is still time to leave a comment on that post if you want to have a go.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Book give away and other bits.

On June 18th I posted about a book give away, 'Divas don't Knit' by Gil McNeil. I want to draw a name but I could do with a few more names to put in the hat so if you are interested please leave a comment ASAP.

In the last couple of days I've made more cards for work and I've done half of another baby blanket. I really want to do some quilting but I haven't got a clear space in the diary until Sunday I think and hope!

On Saturday the Oh! Bearded One and I are hoping to go to Arley Garden Festival. This is an annual garden festival held at a smallish stately home near us. We have been once 2 years ago and really enjoyed it so I hoping the weather is reasonable so we can go. We won't go until the afternoon as I need to go into work in the morning and the Oh! Bearded one is involved with Scouts going sailing.

Saturday night we are going to our annual Scout leaders and helpers BBQ which is usually good fun.

From Sunday I've got a couple of clear days so the sewing machine is coming out!!! Never mind the housework and ironing!!! Although once I come back from the Czech Repbulic I really must get the paint brush out and decorate the downstairs loo, lobby, lounge, stairs and landing as it is all getting grubby and it is annoying me.

I find I can ignore dirt and grime for so long and then I just have to do something about it. I wish I was the sort that did a bit of cleaning everyday or every week but I'm not but then if I did it that way I wouldn't have time to do any crafting which would make me very unhappy. If you have read previous posts you will be aware I suffer with depression. Since I've been blogging, making a conscious effort to knit or crochet and learning to quilt has made me more settled and far less prone to depressive episodes.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

This & that

Look what the Oh! Bearded One came home with, for no particular reason the other night. My Beloved isn't know for being very romantic, he is very down to earth and practical about emotions. I spent years thinking he was keeping things back but he doesn't. He just accepts what life chucks at him and gets on with it so when he does something romantic out of the blue, it is very special and I really appreciate it. The flowers are now more open but are going strong.

Just recently I haven't talked much about anything crafty because I have got fed up talking about something I've started but not finished. I wanted to show something I've finished so here it is!

A crocheted blanket for either a premature baby or to go over a baby in a car seat etc. It is done in some cheap baby DK and a size 4.00mm (F) hook. The pattern can be found here. I changed the border as there seemed to be too many stitches and it wasn't laying flat and I didn't like so I omitted the middle row and altered the way I did the other 2 rows.

It was very quick to and I've started another one and bought more yarn for yet another one. I will be giving them to our local hospital. There is a stall selling donated knitted and crocheted items for babies and small children. The money raised goes towards things for the special care baby unit I think.

Recognise these 2 yarns? I bought them at a show last year (can't remember which one, If you are really interested you could find out from a previous post). Of course I haven't done anything with them.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to do something with the lower one. I am crocheting it into a shawl and am using a pattern I found through Raverly called Muffin's stole. The blog I got it off is Norwegian but the photos were quite clear so I was able to follow what to do. Knitting or crocheting a shawl was one of my 2008 goals so if I finish it I will have achieved at least one of this year's goals. I haven't achieved any of them yet and we are half way through the year!

I have decided to bow out of Nicole's 2 colour quilt challenge as I really haven't got time at present to do it and I really want to finish what I've got started. Once I've finished one of the quilts I've got on the go I will start this 2 colour quilt as I am keen on it and I've got an idea I want to try out on it.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Free book

Does anyone want a copy of 'Divas don't Knit' by Gil McNeil? I have got a copy which I am now ready to pass on.

I loved this book, I thought it was so funny. If you would like it post a comment and I will draw a name and send it to you.

By the way, Clarabelle, I haven't forgotten you!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Stupid woman!

Who's the stupid woman? you are asking. Why, me, of course.

On Father's Day the Oh! Bearded One and I took my parents to Ness Gardens on the Wirral. This is a really lovely garden and well worth a visit if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

I took some lovely photos and when I was uploading them at work this evening I managed to not save them properly to my USB stick, meanwhile I deleted them off my camera so I have lost them. I am so cross with myself!!!

So I am showing more photos of our Czexh trip. These 3 photos are of the town we visited in Poland - Klodzko

Note the dull, boring flats on the skyline which I presume were built by the communist regime. It could be a British skyline couldn't it? except for the very red roof tiles which make the area very distinctive on both sides of the border.

These photos were taken from the fort. If you click on the link, it will tell you about the fort and all the tunnels going underneath the hillside. This is what we came to look at with a view to taking the Scouts there in July. We thought it was good so the Scouts will be visiting!
It was really interesting to visit a Polish town as we have Polish staff working for us and it gave me a small insight into what Poland is like.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Just call me 'Lady Ailsa'

No, I haven't been named in the Queen's birthday honours list (but there is always hope!). I found this on my travels through Blog land this evening and it gave me a laugh. Have a go and see what your title is.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Ailsa the Fortunate of Snotting on Wold
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Czech trip

Well! we're back and we had a great time. The plane was delayed half an hour each way which isn't bad these days. The Thursday was very tiring because we had to be at the airport for 03.30am for a 06.45 flight to Prague. While we were in Prague we stayed with The Oh! Bearded One's niece. She is married to a Czech guy and they have a very cute 13 month old daughter. It was the first time we had seen Mila which was great.

Prague is a beautiful city, we love it! It is 5 years since we last went and things have changed slightly but I would say for the better. When the communists were in power they built lots of boring, drab buildings and the old buildings never had any money spend on them. Now many buildings have been restored and the boring buildings are being spruced up. There are still areas that need work but isn't there in some British cities?

As you can imagine it was very busy in the tourist spots but if you went off the beaten track there were some very peaceful restaurants and bars. The weather was great the whole time we were there.

Here we are, on a boat trip on the river that goes right through the centre of the city. In the background you can see the Charles Bridge. The river is the River Vltava.

Part of the city is very hilly so you can get some great views! This one is from the hilly bit where the castle and Cathedral are. You can see the Charles Bridge again.

So is this one, just in a different direction.

This view is from the river looking towards the Cathedral.
We also spent part of Friday in Prague before meeting one of friends and going by train to Skuhrov which is where we will be camping with our Scouts in July. The train service is really good in the Czech Republic. A lot of the rolling stock is quite old but the trains run on time and they are very frequent, but of course the railways are owned by the state. Britain should never let our train service go into the private sector!
We came back to the UK on Sunday evening, quite late.