Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tired, tired, tired

I hope you and yours had a really nice Christmas.

We did!!

I have enjoyed it apart from the feeling of being soooooooo tired. Both yesterday and today I have stood in for our 2nd chef (she has been covering for 1st chef) in the afternoons, I have found it hard work, all the bending over sinks ands standing in one place. Because of the arthritis thing I have going on, this sort of work is difficult. Please don't think I'm complaining, I'm not as I volunteered, our chef deserves time off, she has worked really hard over Christmas. Filling in like this keeps my hand in. It means that if we have a crisis in the kitchen I can fill in without too much difficulty (I am used to cooking for large numbers at scout camps and it not such ideal circumstances).

Tomorrow we are off to Wiltshire for a family get together. We are meeting up at a pub in Cricklade. There is family coming from Wales and Sheffield as well as us from Cheshire so it should be really good. More about it later in the week as well as photos, probably on Thursday as that is the next day off I wil have time to fiddle about.

As for knitting, I have finished one sock, started it's mate (I need to turn the heel on that) and tonight I have started another sock to take with me tomorrow - lots of stocking stitch for travelling in the car as long as the Oh! Bearded One will drive.

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I can sympathise with you and your arthritis I know how hard it is to stand and bend if it is in your back and legs. I hope you don't have too many after effects. Have fun on your weekend with your family and keep on socking. I am looking forward to using my birthday sock book soon.