Thursday, 6 December 2007

Rant & poll

Please would you take part in my poll,I want to know whether I am over reacting. I was very upset at work this evening that the local hospital to the nursing home sent a frail, 90 year old resident home by ambulance at 7pm. Both us and the family had tried to pursaude them to keep him until tomorrow morning. I only took the 1st phone call from the hospital at 4.15pm.

I am very concerned about older people are treated by our local hospital, this sort of thing happens frequently. I know there is pressure on beds, especially at this time of year but often, in the rush to discharge, older people don't get the necessary treatment to keep them out of hospital again. I can site quite a few incidents where residents have come back from hospital and then have had to be readmitted. This causes distress to the resident and relatives as well as unnecessary cost to the NHS.

I really don't think hospital staff have enough understanding of older people's needs. Older people living in Nursing homes do so because they have complex medical needs that interlink with each other. One problem can't be solved without taking into account other problems. The hospital tend to treat the problem presented to them in isolation, without taking into account other problems. This is a recipe for disaster.

Thank you for letting me rant, I am now off to knit & destress.


Kathy Wajerski said...

I think administrative-types should take some classes on geriatric care. They don't seem to remember that this is someone's mother or father or grandmother or grandfather. All they see is a number on a piece of paper.

I used to work as an aide in a nursing home years ago and when my son is through college would like to get back into it. I really loved working with people of that age.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

It's sad to think that as I grow older and weaker I will be just an unwelcome number to some admin type who will assess me on how much I will cost to society and not how much I have contributed to it. Most of the people needing care are the very people who have worked and supported the NHS from it's conception and now it lets them down in their hour of need.