Thursday, 20 December 2007

Oh! it has been cold here the last few days - minus 4c on a couple of occasions, for mid-Cheshire, salt country, that's cold!!

If you hadn't noticed Christmas is coming, the trees are up, prezzie shopping is complete but not all are wrapped, one more session to go and tomorrow morning, very early, DD & I will hit the supermarket to complete the food shopping.

I am a lucky girl, I'm not working Christmas day or Boxing day, I am working New Year's Eve and New Year's Day morning so for Christmas dinner there will be DD, SofM, Oh! Bearded One, my Mum & Dad and DD's boyfriend, Gromit, oh! also Molly the cat who will hover hopefully for turkey.

Not only do I 'do' Christmas at home, I am involved in doing it at work. 'work' is actually 'home' for the residents who live there, they can't 'do' Chrsitmas so we must but we have to be sensitive about how we go about it. For some residents Christmas is a painful time, full of painful memories, especially for one resident who has lost her husband this week (his funeral is on Christmas Eve). It will be a bit bitter,sweet for us staff as well as 2 residents have died in the last week, they will be much missed.

We try really hard to make it special for both the residents, staff and relatives. We don't go over board on decorations but we do put a lot of emphasis on residents' spiritual needs so there are carol servives, communion and individual spiritual needs being met (it is a Christian Nursing home). We have a party in between Christmas and New Year, we encourage relatives to come and joined their loved ones in having some quality time and have some fun. This year that party is on the day after Boxing day.

Oh! I have been knitting as well! A sock! I have also been buying books, Interweave's 'The Best of Interweave Knits' and the 'Baby Knits' book by Debbie Bliss. I have also ordered a sock book form Amazon which hopefully will come tomorrow. I am looking forward to knitting something challanging but I don't know what I fancy doing so until I decide it will be socks! I have also set up a subscription for the Interweaves mag, I love it!

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I am so happy that your nursing home is such a caring place. Too often we read in the papers of the negative things that happen in some nursing homes that people forget that homes such as yours exist. Keep up the good work! Wish your residents a Happy Christmas from me.
Like you my over Christmas knitting will be socks for myself using the sock book I got for my birthday. Please let us know if you are pleased with your new sock book when it arrives as I have a voucher from Amazon which I would like to use to get another sock book.