Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tired, tired, tired

I hope you and yours had a really nice Christmas.

We did!!

I have enjoyed it apart from the feeling of being soooooooo tired. Both yesterday and today I have stood in for our 2nd chef (she has been covering for 1st chef) in the afternoons, I have found it hard work, all the bending over sinks ands standing in one place. Because of the arthritis thing I have going on, this sort of work is difficult. Please don't think I'm complaining, I'm not as I volunteered, our chef deserves time off, she has worked really hard over Christmas. Filling in like this keeps my hand in. It means that if we have a crisis in the kitchen I can fill in without too much difficulty (I am used to cooking for large numbers at scout camps and it not such ideal circumstances).

Tomorrow we are off to Wiltshire for a family get together. We are meeting up at a pub in Cricklade. There is family coming from Wales and Sheffield as well as us from Cheshire so it should be really good. More about it later in the week as well as photos, probably on Thursday as that is the next day off I wil have time to fiddle about.

As for knitting, I have finished one sock, started it's mate (I need to turn the heel on that) and tonight I have started another sock to take with me tomorrow - lots of stocking stitch for travelling in the car as long as the Oh! Bearded One will drive.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ready, steady, go!

Well! I am as ready as I am going to be this Christmas. The food shopping is done. The last prezzies were wrapped this afternoon. There is some hoovering to do but the Oh! Bearded One will do it tomorrow when has comes in from work. I work my last 12 hour day before the Big Day tomorrow.

I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and I hope Santa Claus brings puts lots of knitterly goodness in your stockings (knitted of course!!!!)


Thursday, 20 December 2007

Oh! it has been cold here the last few days - minus 4c on a couple of occasions, for mid-Cheshire, salt country, that's cold!!

If you hadn't noticed Christmas is coming, the trees are up, prezzie shopping is complete but not all are wrapped, one more session to go and tomorrow morning, very early, DD & I will hit the supermarket to complete the food shopping.

I am a lucky girl, I'm not working Christmas day or Boxing day, I am working New Year's Eve and New Year's Day morning so for Christmas dinner there will be DD, SofM, Oh! Bearded One, my Mum & Dad and DD's boyfriend, Gromit, oh! also Molly the cat who will hover hopefully for turkey.

Not only do I 'do' Christmas at home, I am involved in doing it at work. 'work' is actually 'home' for the residents who live there, they can't 'do' Chrsitmas so we must but we have to be sensitive about how we go about it. For some residents Christmas is a painful time, full of painful memories, especially for one resident who has lost her husband this week (his funeral is on Christmas Eve). It will be a bit bitter,sweet for us staff as well as 2 residents have died in the last week, they will be much missed.

We try really hard to make it special for both the residents, staff and relatives. We don't go over board on decorations but we do put a lot of emphasis on residents' spiritual needs so there are carol servives, communion and individual spiritual needs being met (it is a Christian Nursing home). We have a party in between Christmas and New Year, we encourage relatives to come and joined their loved ones in having some quality time and have some fun. This year that party is on the day after Boxing day.

Oh! I have been knitting as well! A sock! I have also been buying books, Interweave's 'The Best of Interweave Knits' and the 'Baby Knits' book by Debbie Bliss. I have also ordered a sock book form Amazon which hopefully will come tomorrow. I am looking forward to knitting something challanging but I don't know what I fancy doing so until I decide it will be socks! I have also set up a subscription for the Interweaves mag, I love it!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Knitting Resolutions-2008

As I have said before on this blog, I am a sheep, I follow where others have led before because I haven't had the imagination to think of them first or I'm not quick enough to get there before someone else does!

This time it is blogging about my knitting (& crochet) resolutions as others (Texas purl gurl & K1c2)before me have already started. These resolutions don't have to be about finishing items or reducing stash, they could be about learning a new technique or new stitches.

My resolutions are:-

  1. Finish crochet shawl
  2. Finish 'little crochet cardi'
  3. Finish current pair of socks
  4. Finish DD's mittens
  5. Go to Woolfest
  6. Add to my stash
  7. Complete at least one large garment from my stash
  8. Knit mittens on circular's instead of 2 straight pins
  9. Knit Dad's socks
  10. Start a lace weight shawl

I stand much more chance of completing some of these resolutions than my usual New Year resolutions of 'lose weight', 'stop eating chocolate' etc.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Old hat!

The picture above shows the hat I am knitting from Lizet's hand dyed yarn. I picked it up again after a few weeks of not touching it. I am much further on than this, I am now shaping for the crown so it should be finished soon!! I can then show off a FO!! Hurray!!
Yesterday I went into Warrington to do some more Christmas shopping. I went into Borders. I love Borders, I can happily spend hours in there. I was sooooo excited, I bought the winter edition of Interweave Knits. I haven't seen this magazine before and I now understand we other knitters get so excited by it. There are some lovely patterns, I like many of them although some of them aren't right for my body shape so I won't be knitting them but I would love to try 'Refined Aran jacket', Brushed lace cardi, Henley perfected, Ivy League vest, Subway mitts (not that I'm likely to ride the subway in them), Gathered pullover and the Logan River wrap. Well!! that's 2008, 2009, 2010's knitting taken care of then!!
By the way, I'm knitting socks as well!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Rant & poll

Please would you take part in my poll,I want to know whether I am over reacting. I was very upset at work this evening that the local hospital to the nursing home sent a frail, 90 year old resident home by ambulance at 7pm. Both us and the family had tried to pursaude them to keep him until tomorrow morning. I only took the 1st phone call from the hospital at 4.15pm.

I am very concerned about older people are treated by our local hospital, this sort of thing happens frequently. I know there is pressure on beds, especially at this time of year but often, in the rush to discharge, older people don't get the necessary treatment to keep them out of hospital again. I can site quite a few incidents where residents have come back from hospital and then have had to be readmitted. This causes distress to the resident and relatives as well as unnecessary cost to the NHS.

I really don't think hospital staff have enough understanding of older people's needs. Older people living in Nursing homes do so because they have complex medical needs that interlink with each other. One problem can't be solved without taking into account other problems. The hospital tend to treat the problem presented to them in isolation, without taking into account other problems. This is a recipe for disaster.

Thank you for letting me rant, I am now off to knit & destress.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Belated photos

As you will be aware I haven't shown any photos of what I've been up to just recently so today I've got round to fiddling around with camera, memory sticks and computers.

So for photo 1 - this is one ball of two Regia sock wool balls I bought from John Lewis (Trafford Centre). I was so excited when I found that John Lewis had started selling sock wool. The choice is limited but never the less it is great that they have started selling it. The colourway is 5025, very soft, muted colours of pink, blue, fawn and cream. My friend, Cellostitcher, loved it so when I went again I bought her some. Also I know she has cast it on. I have had a go at casting it on but I wasn't happy with the pattern I was using so I frogged it and I am just leaving it at present, I'll come back to it when I have finished the mittens.

Every forenight a Cheshire library visits the site on which our Nursing home is situated. The residents of the site and the nursing home can then get library books. 2-3 weeks ago when it visited I borrowed a book on knitting for babies. Just about at the end of the shift I was flicking through it and one of my colleagues spotted some little stripy mittens and she said she would like some so like a fool I said I would knit her some. What you can see on the left is a pair of knitted mittens waiting to be finished off. DD saw them and wanted some so the one on the needle on the right is for her. The yarn is Jeager matchmaker DK which is 100% wool. It is really nice to knit with and you can tell it is wool, it has the slightly oily feel of wool. They've knitted up very quickly, one can just about be done in an evening.

This yarn I bought at the Knitting & Stitching show in Harrogate at the end of November. I have bought it specifically to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise baby jacket, I also was able to buy a copy of the pattern. I am looking forward to having a go at this but it won't get started until after Christmas.

These 2 hanks of yarn were off the Hipknits stall at the show. The pinky tones are for socks for DD and the other is for myself.

I also picked up these balls of sock yarn. The 2 greeny ones are actual more blue in reality and they are for my Dad. He won't have worn hand knitted socks since he was a boy (he is 72 now) but as his circulation isn't all it couold be I am hoping they will keep his feet warm. It was my Gran that used to knit him the socks, she was an excellent knitter in her day and even up to her dying she was knitting squares to be made up into blankets for charity.

Monday, 3 December 2007


It was my intention to post photos of woolly things today but I've spend most of the day in bed as I am so tired. I've felt very tired for the last 2-3 weeks and as I was 'days off' I've rested in a bid to get over it. I feel I could sleep for weeks. I can't decide whether it is my arthritisy thing or whether it is hormones (I'm going through the you know what) or both as I've been horrible over the weekend. I worked over the weekend and I had to warn the staff just to ignore me if I was cross. I just wanted to let rip and somthing, PMT or what?

I have managed to write my Christmas cards and wrap some Christmas presents so not all is lost.

I am now going to knit for a while.

On Wednesday I really will try to post some photos of what I have been up to.