Friday, 9 November 2007

Another baby!

The other nurse that was pregnant, has had a baby boy by Ceasaren section yesterday. The baby is fine but Mum is poorly, she has pneumonia. She is a known Asthmatic so the operation must have affected her chest. Please pray for her. She had a really bad time after a miscarriage some time ago and was very worried right through this pregnancy so I hope she is well very quickly so she can enjoy her new baby boy.

I've done very little knitting, just a few rows on a baby cardigan (now both babies are born I must hurry up and get them finished). I have done more crochet, on my shawl, it is coming on well, I've done about a third of it now. I have also made cards, quite a few in fact, for work.

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Kathy Wajerski said...

I will add the new mother to my prayer list.

I hope she feels better soon and can focus her energy on enjoying that baby.