Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Show & tell

This post is a show and tell post. There's lots to look at.

Look at what my new friend, Liset, dyed for me, aren't the colours lovely? I am knitting a hat with from here. The yarn is 100% Blue faced Leicester, it is soft and lovely to knit with. Have a look at Liset's site, the colours she dyes are lovely.

This is what DD and SofM gave me for my birthday. The chocolates are dark ones (my favorites) from Thornton's. I am looking forward to starting them as I am a complete chocoholic. Ask the kids, they know I won't share! DD gave me one necklace & bracelet set and the other set was given to me by M (admin lady) at work.

The Oh! Bearded One gave me this. It is a Cuttlebug die cutter for my card making. I've had a practice with it but haven't used it yet for actual cardmaking. DD also gave me 2 embossing plates for it so hopefully in the next day or two I will use it for actual card making.

This is my finished Sirdar Peru Naturals cardigan. I love it!! The colourway is Pico, it is the medium size done on 6.5mm needles with no changes to the pattern. It fits like a glove.

A different view!

I've made some more cards for work as the ones I did a couple of weeks ago have sold and the rack is lokking bare again. I need to make loads more.

If you have a look at my Flickr photos you will see this in it's unfelted state, it's now finished. It's come out too small, probably because of my front loading washing machine, it was washed too long. I am currently knitting a Booga bag in Noro. When I felt this I am going to try the quick wash on my machine to see if that is better.

Look what I got - Free!!! It is Wendy Elegance wool rich (60%) 4ply. I've swatched for this but I'm not starting it yet as I need to finish other things and this will need some concentration to get it started.


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes. It sounds like you had a good day with some great presents. The cardigan is lovely as are the cards. You are truly a "crafty" lady (in the nicest sense of the word of course). I agree with you entirely about the chocs. Birthday present chocs are NOT meant for sharing so don't ask!

Lizet said...

You have had the most lovely presents! For me the outcome of the felted bag is just wonderful, the detail of the flower is cute.

Lizet said...

Forgot to say that I really like the cardigan.