Monday, 29 October 2007

Baby news

I have found out that my nurse who has had her baby boy early has called him Adain and he weighed 5lb 7oz which is a very respectable weight for a 6 week prem baby. Unfortunately he is still in hospital as he isn't feeding on his own yet.

I've continued to knit my hat and I have received the yarn to knit the Oh! Bearded One's hat that he wants for Christmas. This will be my only Christmas knitting this year. I've ordered Lett-Lopi, I'm knitting a Peruvian style hat.

I ordered his yarn form Stash of Chester, I also got some Louise Harding Kimono Angora in their Autumn sale, only £1.99 per ball instead of £3.95. The shade is called 'Girly' no 12. I'm really looking forward to knitting this but I'm not starting it yet, as I've got things I want to finish first ie. my hat, my crocheted cardi which is hibernating at present and my crocheted shawl which is coming on, I keep doing a few rows.

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