Monday, 1 October 2007

Having a cuppa!!

I have been looking at tea cosy patterns because I want to take part in St John's Ambulance 'Have a Cuppa' campaign. I think St. John's does some good work, the Scout Association use them quite a lot for big events for their first aid cover.
The idea is to knit a tea cosy, sent it to St John's who will sell them to raise money, their initial target is for 5,000. Also on November 30th we are being encouraged to 'Have a cuppa' for them, to raise more money for them.
I think we are also going to try to do something at work, I need to take in details to our Activities Co-ordinator and see what we can put together.
Anyway, going back to the tea cosy knitting patterns. I can't decide which to do but I am enjoying trolling through the internet finding and looking at them. Once I have found one I suppose I have trouble choosing the yarn. All that searching in beautiful yarns shops. Life is so difficult isn't it?


Lizet said...

What a great idea for a campaign! And yes, you will have a difficult time to browse through the internet and yarn shops :-)

Cellostitcher said...

I have fancied doing a tea cosy. Hope the fund raising goes well.