Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Wedding aniversary party

I had a lovely 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday. It was a party of 2 halves, my work colleagues & neighbours came around 4.30pm and went about 7.30pm, our Scouting cronies came at 8pm and stayed until 12.30am. It was great as we were able to spend time with everyone. My best friend of 33 years came from Sheffield, bringing along my God daughters. It was so lovely to see them. My oldest God daughter is 15 and is growing into a lovely young woman.

We had some lovely presents but I think people were giving us hints about timekeeping as we were given 3 clocks. We had nearly 40 cards which was just wonderful. The Oh! Bearded One' bought me a lovely diamond ring and a lovely bunch of unsual flowers (unfortunately no photo).
I know it is very corny but I do love the 'Oh! Bearded One'. Like most partners he can be infurating but he has many good qualities, he is kind, he picks up the houshold chores if I am too tired or in too much pain (as in the last few weeks) to cope with them, he cooks and he makes me laugh which keeps me going when things are feeling tough. He is easy going and easy to live with which probably more than can be said for me. I can be a really crabby old crow.
We are still eating the left overs and probably will do all week which is handy, I don't have to shop!!!
Still really busy at work and it could possibly be a sad week as we have 3 really poorly residents and at least one of them will die this week. Please pray for them and their families as they go through this reallly tough time.
I am on the last row of the back of my little crochet cardi but not much further on with any knitting.


Ann said...

Happy Anniversary!!! If my diva husband and I get to 25, it will truly be a celebration...we won't have killed each other! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Very nice to "meet" you!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary and thank you for the comments left on my blog about the crochet shrugs. I was very surprised to find that anyone actually read anything I wrote as yours is my very first comment! My niece bought me the Happy Hooker crochet book the shrugs came from. The book is aimed at the beginners but I found as an experienced crocheter that there are a lot of things in the book that I have made and will make so it has been a valued present. I have found quite a few errata in the book but I have been told there is a page somewhere on the net listing these mistakes. I must admit I don't think an absolute beginner could tackle the short n sweet shrug as it is worked from the back neck down then using the same chain work the fronts down joining them all together under the arms. The sleeves are picked up and worked downwards. Great for making up though - No Seams. You have some lovely work on your blog. Keep on crafting!