Saturday, 15 September 2007

Quick post

I have no knitting pics at present so I hope you enjoy this photo of this Dahlia that I took at Powis castle the other week. I think it is just beautiful, I love the colour.

Just a quick post to say the Oh! Bearded One and I are off to Northamptonshire for a Murder mystery weekend at a hotel. It has been organised through his work. I am looking forward to it and will tell more next week.
I am glad the working week is over, it was another really busy week. Next week I go back to my own job (I have been covering for the Home manager) which means I get days off in the week and work on Sunday. I like my days off in the week, it is quieter if I go out and there is no one at home if I stay in. I am planning a serious card making session as there are hardly any left at work where I sell them. I have to the dentist for a filling and Daughter Dear & I have a shopping trip to the Trafford centre arranged.
Enjoy your weekend!

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