Monday, 20 August 2007

The Study is finished!!!!

I don't believe it, I have actually finished tidying my end of the study! My end is the craft table and storage, the other end is the Oh! Bearded One's with his computer, table and filing cabinet which is currently piled high with paper to do with scouting (I type this on my laptop on the bed). He says he will tidy it on a wet day!

This afternoon I then had a go at the piles of 'stuff' on my side of the bed. I have this nasty habit of dumping books, magazines, knitting, sewing and things I've bought in the space between the bed and the wall, in front of my bedside table so every so often I have to sort it.

Between the study and my bedside I have filled the paper recycling bad and 3 carrier bags with magazines and paper, mainly magazines. I am addicted to them much to the annoyance of the Oh! bearded one. I like card making, knitting & home mags, I also have subscriptions to Woman & Home and Good Housekeeping. I get 'Scouting' because I am a Scout Leader, in fact we get 2 as the Oh! Bearded One is also a Scout Leader. I have 'Woman Alive' saved at our local Christian book shop and I have a subscription to 'Nursing Older People' & 'Nursing Times' because of my work as a Deputy Manager of a Nursing Home. It is a good job it's curb side recycling day tomorrow.

The Oh! Bearded One has had another full day in the front garden today as it has been dry with quite a lot of sun although it has threatened with rain several times. He has planted the plants we bought the other day and moved some existing ones around. It looks so much better but we need quite few more plants.

No crafting today so far but I might manage a few rows of knitting once I have finished blogging.

Tomorrow it's shopping in Warrington with Daughter Dear which I'm really looking forward to. I get on really well with her and it is lovely to spend time with her. Today I found some book tokens I was given a while ago and had forgotten about so I want to look in Borders for a knitting stitches book.

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Cellostitcher said...

Sounds like you have worked hard with the tidying. I know what you mean about the magazines -I can't resist a good mag especially craft mags. Looking forward to GMex. Have been counting the pennies in readiness! Love your blog.